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‘This is a significant amount of money’: COVID-19 relief bill would send nearly $170 billion to schools

As part of the COVID-19 relief bill passed by the Senate Saturday, schools from kindergarten on up will receive billions…

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Biden’s ‘rescue’ package would eliminate taxes on cancelled student loan debt

The COVID-19 relief bill passed by the U.S. Senate on Saturday eliminates an obstacle to broad-based student debt cancellation —…

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SpaceX wants to connect its Starlink satellite internet network to moving vehicles

A Starlink user terminal being set up. SpaceX SpaceX wants to begin connecting moving vehicles – from cars and trucks…

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Do men and women save differently for retirement?

A 2020 Bank of America study examined 401(k) participation rates, contribution rates, investment allocations, balances, and leakages for the 4.6…

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‘Very difficult to be bearish’ on stock market, says billionaire investor David Tepper

“ ‘That takes a major risk off the table, and it’s very difficult to be bearish.’ ” — David Tepper,…

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Stock futures mostly lower as rising bond yields keep pressure on tech shares

Stock-index futures were mostly lower Monday, with tech-related shares set to again feel the brunt of selling pressure as government…

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Wall Street’s 20 favorite infrastructure stocks are expected to climb as much as 34% over the next year

Getting a C-minus grade usually isn’t good news, but it promises to be just that for investors looking to capitalize…

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Opinion: Biden’s progressive agenda will harden post-pandemic social divisions

Later this year, gross domestic product will recover to its pre-pandemic level. Scars will remain that exacerbate inequality and the…

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10 new cars you can get for less than $300 a month

If you plan to finance your new car but want to keep your monthly payments to a minimum, there are…

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My daughter was a TV star and saved $1 million. If she buys a home and moves in with her boyfriend, will he have a claim?

Dear Quentin, My daughter was a TV starlet in her youth, and thanks to the magic of compound investing, has…

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