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Job postings offering hybrid work have tripled since 2019 and these are the cities where high-end homes are holding onto their value

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Job postings offering hybrid work have tripled since 2019 — here’s how many people are still working from home 

A new study analyzed more than 250 million job postings across five English-speaking countries.  Read More

‘I don’t have any other debt’: I have $40,000 in student loans, but saved $70,000 due to deferred payments. I live in the Bay Area. What should I do with this money?

‘I am contributing 15% to my 401(k) between my input and the company match.’ Read More

‘Bay Area, Seattle and New York are losing million-dollar homes fastest.’ But in other cities, high-end properties are holding their value.

Redfin says that the share of homes in the U.S. worth at least $1 million has fallen in most of the country, yet had outsized drops in certain cities. Read More

How the CFPB’s plan to slash credit card late fees could affect you

Opponents of the CFPB’s plan to slash credit card late fees say it could affect consumers’ access to credit. Here’s what’s going on, and how to avoid late fees. Read More

Here’s an explainer on student loans and the Supreme Court, plus what to do about your debt, for now

Four key takeaways from the Supreme Court arguments, according to academics, lawyers, student loan experts and activists. Read More

Sorry, repo man, in the future, cars might repossess themselves

One automaker’s dystopian vision includes a self-repossessing car that may even take itself to a junkyard if its market value has fallen too far. Read More

These are the worst U.S. cities for traffic

A company that loves to measure traffic misery finds that New Yorkers wasted 236 hours a year in traffic, and why drivers in Indianapolis have a right to be annoyed. Read More

Tesla bumps Ford for owner loyalty

Automobile buyer loyalty has somewhat gone out the window lately with inventory shortages, but here’s where they remained most faithful. Read More

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