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‘He is financially secure and owns two homes’: I finally met the man of my dreams, but he treated our waitress like dirt and tipped her 10%. Am I overreacting?

Dear Quentin, I’ll keep this short, as I don’t take any pleasure in reliving it. I have corresponded with a…

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Dear Tax Guy: ‘I’ve accumulated a lot of junk.’ I plan to make $6,000 selling stuff on eBay. Can I put it into an IRA instead of paying income tax?

I am retired with Social Security and a state pension. Over the last 30 years I’ve accumulated a lot of…

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FIS stock enjoys best week since 2020, marking bright spot in tough recent stretch

Shares of Fidelity National Information Services Inc. notched their best weekly performance since the early days of the pandemic this…

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What analysts think of the $60 price cap on Russia oil

The Group of Seven nations and Australia, along with the European Union, on Friday set a cap on Russian seaborne…

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The U.S. job market is strong, but layoffs are on the rise. Is this a good — or bad — time to ask for a raise?

Is this an opportune time to ask for a raise? Or, given the recent spate of tech layoffs, is it…

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Cloud software is a ‘fight for a knife in the mud,’ and Wall Street is souring on the one sector that was winning

The cloud-software business has come to resemble a “fight for a knife in the mud,” as one popular TV character…

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Tech jobs gain despite wave of layoff announcements, but warning signs abound

The tech industry continued to add jobs despite the tens of thousands of layoffs that were announced in November, though…

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U.S.-traded Chinese stocks clinch best week since at least March as reopening hopes help spark rebound

Shares of U.S.-traded Chinese stocks on Friday posted their best week since at least March, with one popular exchange-traded fund…

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Here’s how to rent a sustainable Christmas tree for the greenest holiday ever and what retail and warehousing jobs falling in November reveals about the typical holiday shopper

Hi, MarketWatchers. Don’t miss these top stories. Greenest holiday ever? Here’s how to rent a sustainable Christmas tree There are…

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Greenest holiday ever? Here’s how to rent a sustainable Christmas tree

Common wisdom might suggest that an artificial Christmas tree, unboxed and redecorated year after year, is the smarter choice for…

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