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This man was forced to sign 4 noncompete agreements and most of America thinks it’s a bad time to buy a home

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Abigail Disney says private jets are a climate ‘cancer,’ calls out Elon Musk and other rich ‘babies’

Disney heiress — who flies commercial, she says — has joined climate-minded voices criticizing Elon Musk, the Kardashians and others who travel by private jet. Read More

Dear Tax Guy: ‘This will eventually bite me in the behind’: I have not filed my taxes since 2020. How do I find a good accountant to unravel this mess?

‘I just stuck my head in the sand,’ this reader writes. Read More

Most of America thinks it’s a bad time to buy a home. Expect a ‘continued decline in home sales,’ Fannie Mae says.

Home-buying sentiment in 2023 is glum thanks to high mortgage rates and still-high home prices, according to a new survey. Read More

FTC wants to ban noncompete agreements. This man was forced to sign 4 noncompetes. ‘It just doesn’t feel right,’ he says.

Only a sliver of workers negotiate when presented with a noncompete agreement, one study said. Read More

‘It feels like I’m holding two full-time jobs:’ I’m 65, retired and have a $2K pension. I own rental properties, but they’re stressful to maintain. Should I keep them or sell?

‘Some of these homes have mortgages, and others are free and clear.’ Read More

How Consumer Reports ranks 11 popular electric vehicles for reliability

Consumer Reports asked readers about the problems they’ve had in the last 12 months, here’s what EV owners complained about most. Read More

New 2023 EV tax incentives: How they work, which cars qualify, and where to get even more savings

The new tax credits can help defray the cost of buying a zero-emission vehicle when combined with state and local rebates. Here’s the latest guide. Read More

‘It’s still painful’: My wife of just one year left me, took all her belongings and won’t answer her phone. How do I protect my finances?

‘I feel as if I’m grieving. She hasn’t said anything and won’t answer her phone.’ Read More

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