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Best New Cameras to Elevate Your Photography

The advent of digital photography was a game changer for people interested in taking sweet snaps but didn’t want the hassle of film. It provides instant gratification: You can see what you just shot and edit the photo on the camera’s screen. No dropping off rolls at the photo lab and waiting to see what you captured. Now though, with smartphone cameras surpassing what some of the best digital standalone can do, not many folks even have a camera.

But for those interested in taking higher-quality photos, or just want that old-school photography experience, there are still a wide range of new cameras that will inspire and amaze. From retro cameras made from plastic that take funky shots to technical, modern marvels dedicated to massive panoramas, there’s something for the shutterbug in all of us.

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1. Lomography Diana F+ Camera and Flash

You can’t get much more retro-fantastic than this kitschy plastic throwback from Lomography. The Diana F+ (shown here in 10th-anniversary trim) is a recreation of an iconic medium-format camera from the ’60s. It has two shutter speeds (daytime and long exposures), comes with color-gel filters, has a pinhole option, and uses 120 film.

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Become a medium-format master with the Chroma Six:9 camera system.
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2. Chroma Six:9 Medium Format Camera System

The Chroma Six:9 is here to remind you how simple a film camera really is. Basically a high-quality, medium format shell, it’s available with a variety of magnetic bases to match 14 lenses, from 0.4mm pinhole to 135mm telephoto. Two cold shoe mounts, tripod plate, and bubble level are included.

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Make beautiful pictures with the beautiful Leica M11 camera.
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3. Leica M11

Anyone into photography respects Leica, which has upped the bar again with the M11, a reimagined range finder that blends in new tech seamlessly. At its heart is a superb sensor that can handle 18, 36, or 60 megapixels, along with delivering a sensitivity range from ISO 64 to 50,000.


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Have snappy fun with the Kodak Mini Shot camera and instant printer.
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4. Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro Instant Camera

Digital smartphone camera tech is often mind-blowing, but it still can’t offer the fun that the old instant-printing cameras did. Enter the Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro. This pocket-friendly shooter prints out your snaps via a four-pass technology that gives you HD, 3×3-inch laminated prints that are waterproof and will last for years.


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The Canon EOS R is a photography workhorse will capture any images you'd like.
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5. Canon EOS R

The workhorses of the DSLR world are mostly made up of Canon cameras. So it’s no surprise that the EOS R, a new mirrorless option, is just as versatile but much more compact. It boasts a 30.3 megapixel full-frame sensor to rival the revered 5D and carries their latest image processor to easily capture low-light (and dark!) shots.

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Take panoramas to the next level with the Linhof Technorama.
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6. Linhof Technorama 617s III

Yeah, that panorama function on your phone is a hoot, but why not raise the snapshot stakes and go for breathtaking, wide-view photos with the Linhof Technorama 617s III? The darn-tough die-cast shell uses 6x17cm format film (120 or 220) and can accept five lenses, from the wide-angle 72mm to a telephoto 250mm.

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