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Best New Grills and Accessories to Upgrade Your BBQ This Summer

Every year there’s a crop of new grills and tools to up the ante on your BBQ game. We see advancements in pellet burning, automatic temperature control, and wireless monitoring that make cooking your favorite meals easier, tastier, and more enjoyable.

And the accessories that go along with backyard barbecuing aren’t just getting smarter, they’re also continuously being refined and redesigned. Take a look at what we think are the best barbecue grills and tools on the market for spring 2022.

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1. Char-Broil Cruise Gas Grill

You can’t deny the convenience of grilling with gas, and Char-Broil’s Cruise might be the most convenient cooker of all. It’s the first gas grill to let you set and hold heat like an oven to maintain specific temps beyond the standard “low, medium, high.” And a max-heat mode zooms to 700 degrees for the perfect seared steak. But our favorite feature? The auto clean mode that cleans and shuts off the grill at the end of each grilling session. Convenient, right?


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Take grilling with pellets to the next level with the new Camp Chef Apex grill.
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2. Camp Chef Apex Pellet Grill

Pellet grills’ smoky versatility has won over many a grill master, but most won’t let you get a true flame-broiled fix. Enter the Camp Chef Apex. This unique hybrid combines the perfection of pellets with the blaze of gas, all in the same main chamber (easily switchable with a button). Add a gasketed lid, double-wall construction and internal lighting, and you’ll never go back to a one-dimensional grill.

[Available June 1, from $1,599;]
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Create charcoal-fueled culinary feats in your backyard with the Oklahoma Joe's Blackjack Kettle Grill.
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3. Oklahoma Joe Blackjack Kettle

Gas might be easy, but purists love charcoal, and Oklahoma Joe’s Blackjack Kettle is the Cadillac of charcoal grills. The superior build includes a porcelain-coated fire bowl and lid for increased durability, and an adjustable smokestack and air intake for top-notch temperature control. The 363 square inches of cooking space is big enough for a dozen burgers; and smart features like a hinged lid, a side table for food prep, and a towel bar for hanging tools increase usability.


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Keep your backyard smoking sessions simple with the Pit Barrel Drum Smoker.
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4. Pit Barrel Classic 18.5″ Drum Cooker

Get serious enough about backyard culinary pursuits and you’ll find your way to barrel smoking, a simple system for cooking inside a chamber of 360-degree heat. Pit Barrel’s Classic Drum Cooker gives you everything you need to start smoking in an 18-gauge steel drum lined with porcelain. Layer the bottom of the drum with charcoal and wood chunks, then hang meat or veggies from the rack.

[From $400;]

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Easily monitor your meats with the Weber Smart Connect Hub.
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5. Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

Flip alerts. That’s the beauty of the Connect Smart Grilling Hub, which pairs digital thermometers with an app on your phone, turning any cooker into a smart grill that tells you exactly when to flip your steaks, chicken, brats, etc., then alerts you when your meat has reached the perfect temp. No more cutting or poking the meat to see if it’s done.

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Keep your meats illuminated all night with the Permasteel Grill Light.
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6. Permasteel Grill Light

It doesn’t matter how good you are on the grill. You have to be able to see what you’re cooking to achieve barbecue beatitude. Enter the Permasteel Grill Light—two separate LED lights (each containing nine bulbs) with heavy, magnetic bases that stick to any part of the grill. Adjust the flexible goosenecks to direct 75 lumens at the grate and ogle your perfect, sizzling chops.


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The Material Angled Cutting Board is nice enough to double as a serving tray.
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7. Material Angled Board

The 1-inch-thick Material Angled Board is so pretty, it doubles as a serving tray. One side of the cutting board has grooves to catch juices while slicing, and the other side is smooth for presentation. Choose your wood and finish—either walnut or ebonized white oak—either way, the timber is FSC-certified and sustainably grown and harvested in the U.S.


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Slice, dice, or chop with the versatile Benchmade Station Knife.
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8. Benchmade Station Knife

Every barbecue ninja needs a good blade by his side, and Benchmade’s Station Knife combines the hefty attributes of a chopper with the delicate tip of a slicer to make short work of thick ribs or expertly process slabs of steak. Pull up the online customization website and you can choose between two high-quality steels and finishes (black or polished), laser etching on both sides of the blade, and three durable handle materials—G10, Richlite, or carbon fiber.

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[From $280;]

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Meet the FlipFork, the multitool of the backyard BBQ.
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9. FlipFork

Most guys would think that a spatula is a spatula—until you wield the FlipFork, which is more of a MacGyver-esque multitool than a ho-hum burger flipper. A sharp knife’s edge slices, a blunt edge tenderizes and a protruding prong helps manage all the tricky forking, poking, and flipping required when the flames start jumping. There’s even a bottle opener, too, for grill-side brewskis.


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