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Josh Duhamel Admits He's a 'Doomsday Prepper'

Josh Duhamel isn’t taking a chance with the impending apocalypse, whether that ends up being a result of war, another pandemic, global warming, artificial intelligence, or some other horror we haven’t dreamed up yet.

In a recent interview, the 50-year-old actor revealed that he has a property in North Dakota which started out as an off-the-grid cabin with no electricity or running water, but has now been transformed into an entire doomsday compound. And if it comes down to it, Duhamel says he and his family can even live off the land indefinitely if needed.

“It started with one little cabin in the woods with no electricity and no water,” Duhamel told Inverse, adding that it was initially so “disgusting” and overrun with mice that they didn’t want to stay more than a day or two at a time.

“Then, the cabin on the property next to that one went up for sale, and I bought it for like nothing; this beautiful little idyllic cabin on the water,” he continued. “Suddenly I had 54 acres out there. So I had two cabins, one with no electricity or water. They both have wells and electricity now, but they’re both really small.”

Duhamel has since renovated both cabins, and a total of three now exist on the property. Each have their own well treated by a custom reverse osmosis water filtration system. The property even has internet and TV thanks to Starlink satellite access.

He’s also begun planting crops—starting with clover and chicory to feed the deer—and has plans to grow pumpkins and corn this year.

“It’s called a food plot. My idea is that I want to be able to hunt a deer,” Duhamel explained. “I’m not a hunter by any means, but I have this crazy fixation on what happens if shit hits the fan in [Los Angeles] and I have to take my family out there and live off the land.”

“I’ve become a bit of a doomsday prepper, I guess,” he added. “So I’m learning how to hunt. I have wells. We have water. We have fuel. I’m building something so if things do go south, I have a place to take my family. And I believe that we could live off the land out there. I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m getting there.”

Duhamel says he and his family could already essentially live off of the land as long as needed with fishing alone. However, concedes that it might get difficult if they ran out of fuel or bread—especially in the event they got snowed in for the winter. “You’re suddenly Jack Nicholson in The Shining,” he quipped.

Let’s hope it won’t come to that!


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