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Montucky Beer Is on the Hunt for a Mascot and It Could Be You

If you think your face belongs on beer cans, billboards, and a NASCAR Truck, here’s how to apply.

If you’ve ever looked at yourself in the mirror, and thought, “I’d like to see more of that,” then we may have found the perfect contest for you. Montucky is on the hunt for its next mascot.

Montucky Cold Snacks was started in Bozeman, MT, back in 2012. The name— chosen by co-founders Chad Zeitner and Jeremy Gregory—comes from a moniker used for some of the more rural parts of Montana. The owners set out to make a low-priced, low-ABV beer that would be an alternative to Pabst Blue Ribbon. The result is a super drinkable brew with a session-worthy 4.1 percent ABV that’s perfect after a day on the river or in the mountains. And best of all, 8 percent of profits go to local causes and non-profit organizations.

Montucky’s distribution has been expanding and its distinctive horse-plus-racing-stripes can design is already found in 35 states. If you’re the lucky winner of the contest, Montucky will replace the mustang with your mug. 

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To enter, all you need to do is create a 30-second video showing or telling why you should be Montucky’s first official mascot. According to the company, the worst case scenario is you get “30 seconds of fame” on Montucky’s social channels. 

However, if you win, that’s where it gets interesting. As mentioned above, you’ll get your photo put on hundreds of thousands of beer cans. But, wait, there’s more—a lot more.

You’ll also get your face on a NASCAR Truck driven by Spencer Boyd and get to watch your face flash by up to 250 times at a NASCAR Truck race. Montucky will plaster it on three billboards “somewhere in America” and put your name on an MCS Adopt-A-Highway in Montana. You’ll also be the proud owner of a mouse pad and coffee cup—again, yes, with your face on it.

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The good times keep on rolling. Montucky will also hook up an all-expenses-paid Greyhound bus trip to the Republic of Molossia, an unrecognized micronation in Nevada, and a day of “summer training” with the Missoula Curling Club.

Additional prizes include the opportunity to throw out the opening pitch at a Reno Aces game and sampling up to 50 fried foods at a state fair in one day. You’ll also win Slim Jims for a year, though Montucky notes this is “no thanks to Slim Jim.” Need more than that? Well, the company has a random used mixtape for the winner, too.

If you have the healthy narcissism to think your face belongs on beer cans, billboards, and a NASCAR Truck and the fortitude to deal with the accompanying prizes, Montucky is looking to hear from you

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