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Steph Curry Launches Gentleman’s Cut Kentucky Bourbon

Steph Curry is ready to shoot his shot in the world of celebrity spirits. The four-time NBA Champion just announced the launch of Gentleman’s Cut, his very own label of Kentucky bourbon. It’s a bold move considering how dense liquor shelves already are—both with whiskey and celebrity-backed brands. And maybe the hardened connoisseurs out there are thinking this can’t possibly be a worthwhile liquid. But this is the greatest shooter in the history of professional basketball we’re talking about. When he lines up to release, he rarely misses.

To ensure he made a splash with Gentleman’s Cut, Curry lined up a partnership with Boone County Distilling Company, an award-winning operation out of northern Kentucky. According to those involved, Steph worked in close collaboration with the distillers to come away with a complex bourbon that fit his All-Star preferences.

Gentleman’s Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon Tasting Notes

For the geeks out there, that means a straight bourbon aged between five to seven years, composed of a 75 percent corn, 21 percent rye and 4 percent malted barley mashbill. The juice rolled off a 500-gallon copper pot still, lending it a robust mouthfeel that goes deep on vanilla and caramel. Clocking in at 90-proof, it finishes firmly and makes for an admirable sipping spirit.

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But at $80 a bottle, this whiskey will sit squarely in the “special occasion” section of most backbars. It’s not an easy score when you consider that quality Kentucky bourbons of similar age typically retail for half that price. Curry, for his part, stresses that this isn’t necessarily an everyday bottle. He views it as something you break out when the moment is right. Think playoffs, as opposed to regular season rotation.

“Celebrations take on many different forms, from intimate gatherings to major milestones, and at the center of each memorable moment is a spirit rooted in history and tradition,” Curry points out. “This rich, complex, and bold bourbon is the perfect offering to commemorate life’s great occasions, and will be part of a raised-glass toasting moment in the lives of my fans, friends and family.”

After an early exit from this year’s playoffs, Curry will be forced to experience the upcoming NBA Finals as a spectator. But at least he can watch with a pour of his own booze in-hand. If you’re a fan of bourbon, you might consider joining him. Gentleman’s Cut certainly won’t have you crying foul. 

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