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The PEDAL Electric CORE Bridges the Gap Between On- and Off-Road E-Bikes

Finding the perfect e-bike to suit your lifestyle can be tough. But this bike gives you the best of all worlds.

When it comes to finding the perfect e-bike to suit your lifestyle and budget, your options now run the gamut—from suspiciously cheap Amazon wheels to dedicated off-road beasts like the QuietKat Jeep E-Bike. If you just see yourself picking up the kids from school and running errands around town on paved roads, there’ll be no need to overpay for specialized rock-crawling engineering. A strong, yet less-than-nimble Cadillac-style option may be just the ticket. 

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But what if there was a third e-bike option out there that did both things very well—on- and off-road—and in dashingly handsome, true badass style? If you’re sensing the end of your long quest for the ideal, all-purpose e-bike coming, we’d now like to introduce you to the PEDAL Electric CORE.

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Sporting the look and feel of a vintage-style motorbike, the PEDAL Electric CORE is one sophisticated, versatile set of e-wheels—and it’s damn-good-looking. While we all know that electric components are important considerations when choosing a solid e-bike, so are those oft-overlooked technical hardware specs you won’t want to be bargaining with on (or off) the road. 

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At 65-pounds, the PEDAL Electric CORE is impressively lightweight for an e-bike while inspiring plenty of compact heft. The bike’s dual-suspension size measures a serviceable 45 inches—with a 35.25-inch seat height. 

Power comes from a beastly 750 watt Bafang motor with a 720 watt hour li-ion battery. Top speeds range from 20 to 32 mph—depending on Class-2, Class-3, or Sport Mode options. In other words, this bike has some serious torque. It’ll roll you up steep hills, down dirt trails, over soft sand, and even across rocky terrain without a hitch. Did we mention it’s badass? 

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It’ll be tough to find a zone in your town—both on and off the pavement—that this beast won’t muscle through. And with a range-per-charge stretching from 20-50 miles (depending on your riding style and preferred mode), it’ll cover most city distances easily. Toggling between throttle and various pedal modes, we found this e-bike will log a reliable 30-plus miles before needing to juice back up. 

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In the best sense, the bike’s extended seat feels like a modern dirt bike’s—while offering plenty of extra room for a rear passenger. You can add those pegs and rear cargo rack to suit your daily needs. A full suite of other accessories from PEDAL Electric—headlights, surfboard racks, in-frame baskets, high-quality bike covers, and more—provide additional options.

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A front tire moto lock lets you fully secure your ride to a bike rack. You can also fully disable the front end for added security—kind of like having The Club built right into your bike.

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Styled with some contemporary café racer swagger, the PEDAL Electric CORE’s price point of just over two grand is very competitive in the current e-bike market. All technical and mechanical specs aside, if you’re going to dive into the electric bike world, why not opt for coolest looking ride out there, right? 

The upshot: here’s our favorite, all-around e-bike we’ve tested yet, from a brand we can comfortably endorse.

[From $2,049;]

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