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The Retrospec Koa Rev Is the Perfect E-Bike for Summer

E-bikes have taken the country by storm. Not only are they buzzing up and down streets and bike lanes, but they’re hitting the trails and even whizzing down the sand at the beach. Haven’t had the chance to take one out for a spin yourself yet? Here’s the ultimate ride for your maiden voyage. The Koa Rev from Retrospec is our vote for the perfect entry-level rig to dive into the e-bike scene this season.

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Having tested numerous e-bikes in all categories over the last few years, we have to say that the Koa Rev is about as versatile as it gets. It boasts a robust 750W rear-hub motor that can hit speeds of 20mph with six pedal-assisted levels—plus an ultra-responsive twist-throttle should you not want to pedal at all. Its 48V lithium-ion battery can pump out up to 48 miles of range, so you don’t have to worry about making it to (and from) just about any destination in town. A buttery front suspension makes for a hyper-smooth ride no matter what terrain you’re tackling. Those 4-inch-wide fat tires will roll you through sand, dirt, grass, and any kind of rough zones with ease.

retrospec koa
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For city riders, the Koa Rev offers all the reliable precision you need on congested roads, while offering up some bonus off-road muscle whenever you need it. The JAX Mechanical front/rear disc brakes are ultra-responsive, and the Shimano Altus 9S rear derailleur is super-smooth. Built like a tank (by e-bike standards) its nimble and lightweight enough to single-handedly load it onto a truck bed.

retrospec koa
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Its 26-inch frame is the optimal size for most people, and those ultra-capable fat tires will push through whatever the road throws at you. In other words, you’ll feel totally confident on this bike. It accelerates quick, stops on a dime, and—in case we haven’t mentioned it yet—it’s a total blast to ride. It also features a bright, intuitive handlebar-mounted LED screen for easy controls over all the bike’s functions, plus other critical intel such as battery level, mileage, pedal-assist level, and alternative power modes.

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retrospec koa
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“Koa Rev is our most versatile e-bike. It’s incredibly powerful, great to ride on all terrains, and surprisingly ergonomic,” says Retrospec CEO/Founder Ely Khakshouri. “We call Koa Rev our ‘do-it-all’ e-bike because it’s ideal for commuting, cruising around the neighborhood, or adventuring off-road,” he adds. “No matter where you go or what you use it for, this e-bike guarantees a good time.”

retrospec koa
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From a design standpoint, the bike has a sporty yet sophisticated look—and it’s a definite head-turner (believe us). Price-wise, the Koa Rev from Retrospec is as reasonable as it gets for a brand-new electric bike in this class, whether it’s your first e-bike or the long-awaited upgrade from last season’s bargain bike. From the trail to the coffee house to the pub, this remarkably likeable bike is the ticket—and the competitive price tag is the greenlight you’ve been waiting for.


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