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DOJ aims to block key Bannon defense strategy

The Justice Department and Bannon’s legal team remain deeply at odds over even the basic details of a potential trial,…

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Bob Dole to lie in state in the Capitol on Thursday

Former senator, presidential candidate and war veteran Bob Dole will lie in state in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda on Thursday,…

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Student loan interest is set to kick back in when payments resume, but some Senate Democrats are asking President Biden to waive it

As millions of federal student loan borrowers are set to start repaying their student loans in roughly two months, a…

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Senate GOP rejects debt limit fix on must-pass defense bill

“I think that sets a bad precedent,” Ernst said. “It might be able to pass, but it’s something we all…

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Lawmakers drop proposal to add women to the draft as defense bill headaches mount

It’s also likely to upset Democrats who are already on edge over what may not make the cut. Members of…

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My Front Row Seat for Bob Dole’s Doomed White House Run

At one event in New Hampshire the fall of 1995, he told Gov. Steve Merrill I was the fastest driver…

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Opposing sides of abortion fight prepare to navigate new landscape after Supreme Court decision

Washington — Nearly 50 years after the Supreme Court established a constitutional right to an abortion, the prospect of a…

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Millions of workers retired during the pandemic. The economy needs them to

An economist will tell you it’s a hot labor market: A record number of people quit their jobs in September,…

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Biden touts drug pricing plan in push for social spending bill

He noted the extraordinary lengths some Americans go to afford drugs that cost considerably less in comparable nations, including rationing…

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Justice Department sues Texas over redistricting plans, alleging violation of Voting Rights Act

Washington — The Justice Department filed suit against the state of Texas on Monday over the state’s redistricting of congressional…

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