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House panel green-lights early tech antitrust bills as marathon session grinds on

The tally: The panel favorably referred the data bill, H.R. 3849 (117), with a bipartisan 25-19 vote after 11 p.m.…

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House panel approves sweeping tech crackdown during overnight showdown

But reaction throughout the Capitol to the panel’s tech antitrust legislation showed that the effort could face serious obstacles from…

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Dems pan proposed Colorado redistricting map

“The commission for some reason has come up with a 4-4 map — a 4-4 map in a state that…

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How Andrew Yang went from rock star to also-ran

AP Photo/Brittainy Newman NEW YORK — Andrew Yang burst into the New York City mayor’s race with strong name recognition, high-profile…

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen pleads with Congress to raise or suspend debt limit

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen urged Congress Wednesday to address the debt ceiling immediately, in order to keep the U.S. from…

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Opinion | What Biden’s Anti-Crime Agenda Gets Wrong

The Joe Biden of the 1990s would know exactly what to do—throw cops and enhanced sentences at the problem, toward…

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Senators say a deal with the White House is in hand on infrastructure

According to several of the lawmakers involved in the negotiations, the agreement follows the same rough contours of an earlier…

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Biden administration to ban solar components from Chinese company over forced labor

Hoshine was largely the subject of a report earlier this year on Uyghur forced labor in the global supply chain…

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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse says more about affiliation with elite private club

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse now has more to say about questions raised regarding his affiliation with an exclusive beach club in…

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Pelosi and Schumer to meet with White House officials to discuss infrastructure

Washington — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are meeting with White House officials on Wednesday…

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