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How a Remote Indigenous Community Fought the Pandemic

Over a choppy phone call to the remote Nicobar archipelago, I told Indigenous leader Ayesha Majid that my friends in…

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How the Jaguar, King of the Forest, Might Save Its Ecosystem

As the region’s apex predator, jaguars keep the ecosystem in balance, say the scientists. “If you remove an apex predator…

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Wearable devices could use your breathing patterns like a password

By Chris Stokel-Walker The way we breathe could keep wearables like headphones and smartwatches paired securely to your phone Delmaine…

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Bendy camera the width of a human hair can take accurate 3D images

By Chris Stokel-Walker The camera being set up in the lab Kevin Mitchell A fibre-optic cable the thickness of a…

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Scientists Spot Light From Behind a Black Hole for the First Time Ever

If you know what a black hole is, you’re probably aware that it can contain as much mass as billions…

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Electric School Buses Reduce Pollution, But New Infrastructure Deal Slashed Funding

Bobby Monacella was tired of sending her two kids to school on buses filled with diesel fumes. Pollution levels inside…

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Covid-19 news: Pregnant women in England urged to get vaccinated

By Michael Le Page , Clare Wilson , Jessica Hamzelou , Sam Wong , Graham Lawton , Adam Vaughan ,…

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COVID, Quickly, Episode 12: Masking Up Again and Why People Refuse Shots

Tanya Lewis: Hi, and welcome to COVID, Quickly, a Scientific American podcast series! Josh Fischman: This is your fast-track update…

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The ‘Hydrogen Olympics’ Lit a Torch for the Clean Fuel’s Future

Before they were postponed to this year, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games were billed by some as the “Hydrogen Olympics”…

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What Is Your City’s Tree Equity Score?

When talking about urban cities and inequality, we tend to focus our conversations around income and housing. But what about…

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