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Touch screen watches that do way more than tell time

Stay in touch. (Luke Chesser/Unsplash/) Touch screen watches are more than simple time pieces. Packed with features like fitness trackers,…

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Circles in space made of radio waves are like nothing we’ve ever seen

By Jason Arunn Murugesu The ASKAP telescope at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory in Western AustraliaCSIRO Mysterious circles of radio waves…

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Why People Are Toppling Monuments to Racism

With the wave of statue-felling currently sweeping across the United States and United Kingdom, it is clearer than ever that…

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Eating seaweed can genetically modify the bacteria in our guts

By Michael Le Page Seaweed contains fibres we normally can’t digestAmarita/Getty Images Eating seaweed can genetically alter the bacteria in…

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Medics who changed history wouldn’t get into modern medical schools

By Jessica Hamzelou Edward Jenner performing his first vaccination against smallpoxDEA PICTURE LIBRARY/De Agostini Many of the people behind the…

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Young Great White Sharks Eat Off the Floor

The image of a dorsal fin cutting through the sea surface is iconic. But scientists studying the stomach contests of…

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Silicone trays for your toddler’s meals

Some kids look back fondly on the “The airplane goes into the hangar” days of spoon feeding. Others see it…

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Four waterproof cameras for your next big adventure

Blue Steel anyone? (Jakob Owens via Unsplash/) Whether you’re doing an elaborate snorkeling shoot or just want to capture a…

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Two-player games that are genuinely fun

Only two people? No problem. (Jaciel Melnik via Unsplash/) The world of tabletop games can be intimidating, with so many…

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Full-body workout machines for the best fitness results

If you’re missing your gym rowing routine, the Fitness Reality Rowing Machine is the perfect at-home substitute. It has a…

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