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Your Phone Could be Used to Prosecute For Getting an Abortion. Here’s how.

Technology editor Sophie Bushwick breaks down  precedent for using your phone to monitor personal health data. — Read more on…

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Best 1080p gaming monitors of 2022

With TV and monitor makers focused squarely on 4K screens, it’s easy to forget 1080p is still the baseline resolution…

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The French military has three beastly new vehicles

You would be surprised at how old the vehicles are in many Western armies. From battle tanks to troop transporters,…

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Climate-Fueled Heat Waves Will Hamper Western Hydropower

CLIMATEWIRE | When California suffers a heat wave, it leans heavily on hydropower from the Pacific Northwest to keep the…

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Climate change means people are losing 44 hours of sleep per year

Analysis of data from sleep-tracking wristbands in 68 countries reveals that unusually hot nights are causing people to fall asleep…

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Noisy boats over the Great Barrier Reef are cutting fish lives short

The noise of motorboats over the Great Barrier Reef can stress its inhabitants, stunting the growth of young fish and…

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What researchers discovered about iPhones in low-power mode

The latest iPhones don’t fully power off when you turn them off or they run out of battery. A few…

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Monkeypox outbreak questions intensify as cases soar

The sudden appearance of monkeypox in 13 countries on four continents has jolted the public health community into action. A…

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Nuclear Fusion Is Already Facing a Fuel Crisis

In the south of France, ITER is inching towards completion. When it’s finally fully switched on in 2035, the International…

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Physicists Find a Shortcut to Seeing an Elusive Quantum Glow

Theoretical physics is full of weird and wonderful concepts: wormholes, quantum foam and multiverses, just to name a few. The…

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