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Does ‘Brain Training’ Actually Work?

If there were an app on your phone that could improve your memory, would you try it? Who wouldn’t want…

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The longest whale dive ever recorded clocks in at almost 4 hours

By Michael Le Page A Cuvier’s beaked whale beat the previous record for longest dive ever recorded by almost an…

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What happens in your brain when you daydream

We form thoughts separate from our current circumstances likely thanks to a cluster of brain regions called the default mode…

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Car trash cans to keep your auto spotless

Keep your car tidy. (Alex Plesovskich via Unsplash/) A tissue here, an empty coffee cup there, and soon the inside…

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The First-Ever Image of a Black Hole Is Now a Movie

The historic first image of a black hole unveiled last year has now been turned into a movie. The short sequence of…

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Meet Curly, the Curling Robot That Beats the Pros

No two ice sheets have ever been laid down the exact same way, both because of this random bumpiness, and…

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Watch a Robot AI Beat World-Class Curling Competitors

Artificial intelligence still needs to bridge the “sim-to-real” gap. Deep-learning techniques that are all the rage in AI log superlative performances…

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Curved rock etchings reveal which way dangerous faults ruptured—and how they might again | Science

Researchers found curved slickenlines at nine exposures of the Kekerengu fault in New Zealand. KATE CLARK/GNS SCIENCE By Paul VoosenSep.…

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Plant trees or let forests regrow? New studies probe two ways to fight climate change | Science

Regrowing trees soak up carbon in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest northeast of Rio de Janeiro. ROBIN CHAZDON By Gabriel PopkinSep. 23,…

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A sparkling beetle could spell doom for North America’s ash trees | Science

An Asian invader, the emerald ash borer, is killing trees throughout eastern North America. Stephen Ausmus/USDA/Science Source By Elizabeth PennisiSep.…

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