The best professional-level sewing machines

Fix and create. (J Williams via Unsplash/)

When you start getting serious about your crafting, home decor, and fashion sewing projects, it may be time to consider investing in a professional level sewing machine. Heavy duty machines can handle big jobs and thick fabrics with speed and accuracy. Built in metal frames will ensure the stability and structure needed for many years of use.

Endless creative options can be found on machines with computerized programmable stitches which is a must-have for quilting, sewing appliques, and even topstitching. Some professional machines have many options to customize your projects with hundreds of stitch choices built in for quick selection. All the options add up to more versatility than your average machine and a reason to go pro.

For tough stitching.

For tough stitching. (Amazon/)

Singer Heavy Duty 411 is built with a sturdy metal interior frame, stainless steel bedplate and powerful motor (60 percent stronger then basic sewing machines), which allow for fast sewing on a variety of materials, including heavyweight materials like leather, denim, and canvas. Absolute beginner sewers might be a little confused by the instructions because they assume you know the names for basic sewing parts. Also be aware that fuzzy materials might cause dust to jam the machine. However, this machine is tough and fast and can handle a wide variety of jobs.

Space to maneuver.

Space to maneuver. (Amazon/)

When you’re working on larger sewing projects or quilting, this machine is an excellent choice. The Brother PQ1500SL has a wide table (11″ x 21.5″) and large space between the arm and needle. It has a removable knee-lifter, allowing you to lift your presser foot with your knee. Extra working space, and the ability to use both of your hands when maneuvering fabrics make big projects and quilting easier. This machine is also powerful – allowing for 1,500 stitches per minute. Be aware that changing the foot involves using a screwdriver, but this tool is included with the machine. All in all, a very useful choice for the workspace, speed, and accessories.

Loads of accessories.

Loads of accessories. (Amazon/)

This machine can be used for all types of sewing needs, including high fashion, patchwork, and quilting. This machine is quiet and smooth, and offers a computerized operation with 120 stitch options and a built in alphabet, for stitching letters. This machine is also loaded with lots of accessories, a variety of needles, feet and bobbins and also an instructional DVD. It’s a great choice providing you with many possibilities for projects.

Many choices, many stitches.

Many choices, many stitches. (Amazon/)

This machine has 100 built-in stitches, 76 decorative stitches, and allows for stitch customization which provides the user with a wide array of sewing options. The computerized machine boasts a large LCD screen for easy viewing. Compact in size (14.5 by 7.5 by 12 inches) this machine could travel with you to sewing classes. The computerized screen makes this easy to use and would be suitable for beginners or more experienced sewing enthusiasts alike.

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