Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence ids the demand of the time and Today we all are moving towards the AI. In this century end we will be mostly depending on AI.

Chatbot Conference Free Tickets Give Away

Here is how you can Earn a Free Ticket to Day 1 of the Chatbot Conference Great news! For the…

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Automatically scale Amazon Kendra query capacity units with Amazon EventBridge and AWS Lambda | Amazon Web Services

Data is proliferating inside the enterprise and employees are using more applications than ever before to get their jobs done,…

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Automate multi-modality, parallel data labeling workflows with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth and AWS Step Functions | Amazon Web Services

This is the first in a two-part series on the Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth hierarchical labeling workflow and dashboards. In…

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When that obsession with data turns into tunnel vision on customer data only, it becomes impossible to achieve personalization at…

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A robot that can help you untangle your hair

With rapidly growing demands on health care systems, nurses typically spend 18 to 40 percent of their time performing direct…

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Segment paragraphs and detect insights with Amazon Textract and Amazon Comprehend | Amazon Web Services

Many companies extract data from scanned documents containing tables and forms, such as PDFs. Some examples are audit documents, tax…

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Conversational AI For Good: How Nonprofits Use New Tech

Image Credit: Polina Pirogova/ Just AI Over the past few years, chatbots have become an integral part of our lives…

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17 Fun Slack Bots to Build a Positive Office Culture

With millions of people forced into working from home by the current situation, companies are finding ways to keep teams…

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3 Absolutely Essential Ways to Make Your ChatBot Memorable

People want to become the best version of themselves — so as to say, they seek validation and the strength…

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AI is far from perfect, but it’s improving

AI is far from perfect, but it’s improving Length: 8:51 | May 4, 2021 Weeding out bias from AI is…

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