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Rusty but intact: Nazi Enigma cipher machine found in Baltic Sea

Enlarge / The Enigma cipher machine found in the Baltic Sea is lying on a table in front of the…

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Samsung finally starts its Android 11 rollout, three months after release

Enlarge / Android 11 with Samsung’s One UI skin. Samsung Android 11 came out about three months ago, and that…

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“Demand will probably exceed supply”: Nvidia explains RTX 30 shortages

The RTX 3070. Sam Machkovech Air is vented upward when mounted in your PC via this opening. Bottom intake fans,…

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5 Toothbrush Sanitizers Reviewed: LockNLock, Avari, Puresonic, Sarmocare, Seago

I’m going to be blunt. There is airborne feces in your bathroom, and it’s landing on your toothbrush. You are…

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How The Tumult of 2020 Will Shape the Future of Ride Sharing

Uber and Lyft had it pretty good in the beginning. The companies could roll out their services to new cities,…

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13 Piping-Hot Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers (2020)

I love coffee. I spend more time making coffee each morning than most people do making breakfast. For those of…

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Android apps with millions of downloads are vulnerable to serious attacks

Android apps with hundreds of millions of downloads are vulnerable to attacks that allow malicious apps to steal contacts, login…

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New RISC-V CPU claims recordbreaking performance per watt

Micro Magic’s new CPU prototype is seen here running on an Odroid board. Micro Magic Inc.—a small electronic design firm…

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Google Maps’ new “Community Feed” is like a social network for food

Open Google Maps and you’ll soon see this card, which you can swipe up for the feed. (Also, Google, a…

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A good day for UltraHD: HBO Max, The Lord of the Rings will stream in 4K HDR

Enlarge / Wonder Woman is going to be extra shiny on modern TVs. Warner Bros. Wonder Woman 1984 will be…

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