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GoldenEye can’t distract from Switch retro games’ most annoying pitfall

Enlarge / Nintendo’s promotional key art for the launch of GoldenEye 007 on Switch. Today marks the long-awaited rerelease of…

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Like shoppers, Apple shows reduced interest in buying phones

Enlarge / Apple will pay you less for this iPhone 13 Pro Max than it used to. Samuel Axon As…

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Samsung’s New $200 Smartphone Is Phenomenal

I don’t want to oversell it—it’s not a flagship phone. Yes, you will still see stutters here and there when…

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I Started a Bike Bus, and You Can Too

Recruit a crew. One adult isn’t enough to have a safe bike bus, so another parent volunteered to serve as…

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Q4 2022 was a disaster for smartphone sales, sees the largest-ever drop

Enlarge / An empty Samsung Store. With a million layoffs and rising inflation, it turns out consumers also aren’t interested…

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Do mechanical keyboards really need arrow keys? 

Enlarge / A recent keyboard announcement explores a space-saving alternative to dedicated arrow buttons. Scharon Harding Which keys are absolutely…

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The New MacBook Pro Makes the Best a Little Better

When you need power from your laptop, it’s smart to plug in the charger to eke out as much performance…

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Rumored overhaul for Windows File Explorer would tie into OneDrive, Microsoft 365

Enlarge / A PC running Windows 11. Microsoft is working on an overhaul of the File Explorer app in Windows…

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Get your first look at the OnePlus Pad, OnePlus’ first tablet

The OnePlus Pad teaser image. That round camera bump looks just like the OnePlus 11’s. OnePlus Another official teaser image.…

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How Much of a Threat Is TikTok, Really?

TikTok’s influence is expanding well beyond the social sphere. The app is increasingly being used for the types of internet…

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