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How to synchronize two Microsoft SharePoint lists using one Microsoft Power Automate flow

Image: PhotoGranary/Adobe Stock SharePoint lists don’t always store all the information about an entity. For instance, you might be tracking…

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Best free payroll software for small businesses in 2023

Image: Marzky Ragsac Jr./Adobe Stock Managing finances is a necessary component of running a successful business. Ensuring employees are paid…

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How to easily deploy a full-stack application in Portainer with templates

Deploying a complex Docker stack isn’t nearly as challenging as you think, at least when Portainer is your GUI of…

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Workday vs. ADP: Choosing the right payroll service

Image: fullempty/Adobe Stock Payroll processing is an integral part of any business, so the right payroll service can make a…

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AR, VR, and a Model for 3D in HTML | CSS-Tricks

Tucked down somewhere in the Safari Technology Preview 161 release notes is a seemingly innocous line about support for a…

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Weekly News for Designers № 679

On-Scroll Typography Animations – Effects that add an extra layer of creativity to a website. GSAP CodePens 2022 – Explore…

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Top Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word

If you need an online word processor but you’d prefer something less expensive, here are the Top 5 free alternatives…

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How to use project templates in Hive

If you’re a Hive user, find out how to use both native and custom project templates to make your project…

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How to create and manage Kubernetes Secrets in Portainer

Instead of keeping Secrets in Kubernetes manifests, store them separately. Portainer makes this quite simple; I’ll show you how in…

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The Case for Showing Freelance Clients Your Authentic Self

Web design and development are vast subjects. And it seems that those within the industry are expected to know every…

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