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25 More Stunning Free Keynote Templates for Creatives

Hot on the heels of our previous free Keynote template article, we’re back with another easy-to-edit collection that will allow…

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Intel targets ‘true magicians’ with developer cloud launch

Image: Shutterstock/Africa Studio The need to enhance developers’ productivity, test products in the cloud before shipping to the market and…

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This massive learning library is on sale for just $50

Learn just about anything you want to know, from web development to Microsoft Office, with this lifetime unlimited membership to…

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Getting Started With WordPress Block Development | CSS-Tricks

Let’s acknowledge that developing for WordPress is weird right now. Whether you’re new to WordPress or have worked with it…

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Weekly News for Designers № 663 – Detecting CSS Selector Support, Björk Minimal Free WordPress Theme, Better Inline Validation UX

How I Made an Icon System Out of CSS Custom Properties – Discover a handy Sass function that creates an…

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How to best back up a Mac using a non-Apple solution

The need to protect your Mac’s data should prove no surprise, but there are many options beyond using iCloud and…

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How to install Rancher Desktop on Linux and macOS

Jack Wallen shows you how to install the Docker Desktop alternative, Rancher Desktop, on both Linux and macOS. Image: Farknot…

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Automate Windows administration with PowerShell: Learn how in this training course

Learn the basics of automation in Windows PowerShell for just $19.99 with this certification bundle. Illustration: Lisa Hornung Windows administration…

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How to Develop Your Signature Style as a Web Designer

In design, as in society, there is constant pressure to mimic the most successful among us. Just like some want…

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How to make the default area chart in Microsoft Excel more attractive

Image: 200degrees/Adobe Stock Area charts do a great job of exposing trends in Microsoft Excel data. The good news is…

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