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A shared ESLint configuration

Like our markdown linters, all Mapbox documentation repositories use a shared ESLint configuration. Our configuration covers everything from enforcing React…

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You can easily install Chrome extensions in Opera: Here’s how

You can easily install Chrome extensions in Opera: Here’s how Length: 1:01 | Jul 30, 2021 If you want to…

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Conjuring Generative Blobs With The CSS Paint API

The CSS Paint API (part of the magical Houdini family) opens the door to an exciting new world of design…

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What to expect from Microsoft Edge in Windows 11

Between the new widget menu that only opens web pages instead of apps, and IE being disabled, the Edge browser…

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Is Dark Mode actually saving your smartphone battery?

A new study compares situational use in light and dark mode and introduces a tool developers could use to assess…

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Weekly News for Designers № 603 – Windows 11 in React, FontAwesome 6 Cheatsheet, CSS Shorthand Properties

Web Features That May Not Work As You’d Expect – A look at web elements that require a little more…

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A framework for building Open Graph images | The GitHub Blog

You know that feeling when you make your latest hack project public, and you’re ready to share it with the…

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How to indent paragraphs in a Word document—the right way

Spaces and tabs might be the quickest way to indent a paragraph in Word, but you might be sorry. Instead,…

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So you want to self-publish books and courses on programming

John Resig and I recently self-published our book on GraphQL. There are tons of how-tos for self-publishing a book, or…

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Developer-Friendly Passwordless Auth

I’d wager to say that most websites that are business-minded have accounts. A way to log into them. Social media…

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