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On Browser-Specific URL Schemes

We’ve covered URL schemes: A URL Scheme is like “http://…” or “ftp://…”. Those seem like a very low-level concept that…

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In-Page Filtered Search With Vanilla JavaScript

If you have a page that includes a lot of information, it’s a good idea to let users search for…

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Userwell is for Managing Customer Feedback

Building products for users is a balance between your vision of what your product can do for them, and refining…

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If you’re not using a kanban board, you’re not as productive as you could be

Jack Wallen’s eyes were recently opened to the idea of kanban boards. If you’ve yet to realize how helpful these…

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Having a Singular Focus for Your Web Design Business

There’s a lot of talk about specialization in the web design industry. The idea is to focus on a specific…

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How to use XLOOKUP() to find commission benchmarks in Excel

Learn how to use both Excel’s XLOOKUP() and VLOOKUP() functions to find results between conditional benchmarks in Microsoft Excel. Image:…

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How to reclaim hard drive space after upgrading to Windows 11

If you are happy with Windows 11, you can safely remove old Windows 10 reversion files and reclaim a substantial…

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How to create context-aware shortcuts on iOS 15

The Shortcuts app is growing up and learning new tricks. One of those tricks is the ability to produce context-aware…

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The Greatest CSS Tricks Vol. I eBook (PDF and EPUB)

When I wrote the “book” The Greatest CSS Tricks Vol. I, I put “book” in quotes because there wasn’t anything…

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The Top Add-Ons for the Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

Gravity Forms is one of the most versatile WordPress plugins out there. Yes, it creates forms – and quite well.…

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