10 Free Retro Font Families for Designers

Time to go old-school! Including retro fonts on your website can evoke a feeling of nostalgia. That old “eighties poster” look is very distinctive and easy to replicate with the right font.

If you’re ready to send your visitors on a blast from the past (or back to the future), try out one of these ten awesome retro fonts!

If you’re looking for more fonts, take a look at our 100 Best Free Fonts for Designers.

This font is awesome! It’s rare to see fonts with a gradient, but RM Serifancy pulls it off perfectly. The old-timey, western feel has a universal appeal. But this will work well if you’re going for something epic or masculine.

Retrology Retro Monoline Script Font

If you’re searching for a font that can best be described as “groovy”, look no further. Action Is is absolutely perfect for capturing that sixties and seventies vibe. The curvy, mixed-case font is completely non-conforming to the standards of typography, and that’s exactly what makes it so great!
Action IsFree Retro Font Family

Retro Thunders Retro Font

Skinny, tall, and thin, this all-caps font almost seems to be yelling at you through the screen. This is great if you need something bold and artsy. The font comes in four styles that change the line thickness but still keep that distinctive narrow look.
DinerFree Retro Font Family

Moonshine Retro Psychedelic Font

For a font that makes you feel like you’re on Broadway, try out Showtime! This is certainly a unique decorative font. Just type what you want and use brackets on either side to enclose it, creating something like a lit-up banner at a movie premiere.
ShowtimeFree Retro Font Family

Want to create a feel just like a vintage burger joint? Try out this font! The hamburger craze of the 1900s stretches back all the way to the twenties and thirties, so this kind of font can help you craft a very classical feel.
Hamburger HeavenFree Retro Font Family

MadisonSquare looks like neon text! If you’re creating something meant to look like an electric sign, you might want to try out this font. It’s definitely not something you’ll want to use for entire paragraphs, but it’d look striking in a logo or if used to call attention to a short piece of text.
MadisonSquareFree Retro Font Family

Inspired by the 1968 Mexico Olympics (look it up and see the resemblance for yourself!), this stripey font comes with two styles: 3D and regular. Follow the link on the page and you can also find even more in the font family! You can use this font for free in graphics such as logos, but you will need a commercial web license to embed on websites.
Mexcellent Font FamilyFree Retro Font Family

Now this is a lively font! Budmo is covered in little neon lights – amazing if you’re trying to make people think of old-school Hollywood. There’s a ton of font styles in here: One dark, one light, two solids and one bulb style. The last three are so you can customize the font with layering. You’ll need a web license to use on websites, but otherwise this is free for commercial use.
BudmoFree Retro Font Family

Inspired by Kool Aid, this font is simple enough to work well in a lot of situations. It looks very much old-fashioned but doesn’t go overboard with it. Try using it in a logo if you want a bit of retro flair. However, brackets, parentheses and international characters produce dingbats that look like the Kool-Aid Man’s face, so this may not work if you need to use these characters.
Kool BeansFree Retro Font Family

Looking for something you’d find on the logo of a wine bottle? Try Coventry Garden. The all-caps font is designed so that uppercase letters create a cursive flourish. Definitely worth a download if you love this anachronistic, regal typography!
Coventry GardenFree Retro Font Family

Old-School Web Design

Retro fonts may not be traditional, but that’s exactly why they can add so much personality to a website or graphic. Many fonts ditch unique designs for something simpler and more legible. But retro fonts’ bold blocks, bubble text, and sweeping cursive script take risks you don’t often see in typography nowadays. Give these old-school fonts a try and see how lively they can make your site!

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