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The men who created Tetris reflect on their bromance

Alexey Pajitnov and Henk Rogers have known each other a long time. The man who created Tetris and the man…

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Resident Evil 4 Chapter 13: Wharf to Incubation Lab

Resident Evil 4’s 13th chapter finds Leon on the Island he and Ada were headed for at the end of…

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5 Promising Non-WWE Wrestling Games To Watch Out For

Happy Wrestlemania week for those who observe it! It’s the biggest weekend of the year for WWE, but some folks…

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A Photo Tour Of Universal Studios Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World

Last October, I was lucky enough to visit Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. As a lifelong…

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Resident Evil 4 Ramon Salazar boss fight

Resident Evil 4’s 12th chapter ends with a fight against a mutated Ramon Salazar. Luckily, there’s a Merchant room at…

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Adam Sandler’s Netflix comedies are slowly getting better

Viewers tuning into Netflix on March 31 for Murder Mystery 2, starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, can reasonably expect…

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Vampire Survivors Gets Fantasy-Themed Tides OF The Foscari DLC Next Month

Vampire Survivors is getting another big DLC drop next month in the form of Tides of the Foscari. New characters,…

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SSDs, microSD cards, and more are discounted for ‘world backup day’

All of the companies that make hard drives, SSDs, flash drives — you name it — come together on March…

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Every movie and show coming to Netflix in April

Even with Netflix’s recommendation algorithm serving you new movies, new TV shows, and original programming tailored to your viewing habits,…

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E3 2023 has been canceled

E3 2023 has been canceled, organizers at the Entertainment Software Association announced Thursday, following the reported withdrawal of major publishers…

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