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Last Call BBS and the return of Yakuza lead a quiet July for Game Pass

Microsoft has announced the first batch of titles that will be available this July on Xbox Game Pass, and as…

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Thor: Love and Thunder sells out its characters for jokes

There are two very funny things about Taika Waititi’s Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Thor: Love and Thunder. The first is…

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Inside The Invincible

When discussing the founding of Starward Industries, game director Marek Markuszewski brings up all the points you might expect from…

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We Toured The Persona 25th Anniversary Café And It Ruled

In this vlog, we visit the Requiem Café in Anaheim, CA, to tour their Persona 25th Anniversary celebration, a collaboration with…

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Stranger Things actor doesn’t think what happened to Eddie was fair — but it was ‘inspired’

[Ed. note: This post goes into detail about what happens to Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 4.] Oh Eddie Munson,…

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – Bringing The World Of Three Houses Into The Musou Genre

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the latest entry in Nintendo and Koei Tecmo’s Warriors series, which spans The Legend…

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The great Pokémon card shortage has a solution: 9 billion new cards

It’s been near impossible to get Pokémon cards over the past few years. Right around the Pokémon franchise’s 25th anniversary,…

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Overwatch 2 Feels Like A Completely Different Game

We’ve seen sequels rise above and plummet below their precursors. Months ago, I said Overwatch 2 was a redemption arc.…

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Kirby And The Walk Down Memory Lane: A Series Retrospective

You wouldn’t guess it from his child-like appearance, but gaming’s much-loved spherical hero turned 30 this year. Kicking off his…

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The one horror homage that Vecna’s actor couldn’t quite fit in Stranger Things

This season of Stranger Things has fully indulged the horror, drawing from classic scary movies like A Nightmare on Elm…

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