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Are you watching The Nevers or The Irregulars? A handy guide

Every once in a while, there’s a moment of pop-cultural serendipity suggesting that a bunch of film and TV creators…

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The Demon Slayer movie Mugen Train carves out characters with exhilarating action

The 2020 Demon Slayer movie made headlines and history when it premiered in Japan in late October. The first feature-length…

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Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings MMO Canceled

Following the failure of Amazon’s Crucible and ahead of the launch of New World, it is confirmed that the company’s…

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13 great animated movies you can stream right now

The world of animation is as boundless as it is extraordinary, brimming with more classics than any one person could…

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Nintendo suing Bowser over Switch hacks

Nintendo of America filed a lawsuit Friday against Gary Bowser, a reported “leader” of hack creators Team Xecuter. Bowser and…

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Netflix’s Ride or Die is a bloody, sexy queer road movie

Few things feel as lazy as a tidy film. When all the loose ends fall gracefully into place, and not…

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Fortnite’s Aloy And Lara Croft Team-Up Delayed Until Next Week

Fortnite fans rejoiced when Epic not only announced that Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn fame would be joining the game,…

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Nobody, Nezha Reborn, and 13 new movies you can now watch at home

This week, Mads Mikkelsen, actor extraordinaire and the world’s dreamiest Dane, joined the cast of the forthcoming Indiana Jones sequel…

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New Avatar ‘series’ coming to YouTube this month

Avatar: The Last Airbender’s official YouTube channel announced Friday that a new Avatar “series” is on the way, but no…

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New Update Causes Lego Mario To Call Out For Luigi

Lego launched its Super Mario line of sets in 2020, delivering fun kits including Whomp, Toad, King Boo, Bowser, and…

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