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Dreams to be used in a feature film for the first time

There’s no dearth of creative projects to come from Media Molecule’s Dreams. The all-in-one game creation software has allowed developers…

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New Report Details Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga’s Rocky Development And Studio Crunch

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga got an April 5 release date this week after spending years in development limbo.…

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Last Night in Soho, Warhunt, and every new movie you can stream at home this weekend

There’s not a lot in the way of new releases to look forward to in theaters this weekend. Not to…

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How to watch Tones and I in Fortnite this weekend

In October of 2021, Epic Games kicked off their Fortnite Soundwave Series with an in-game performance featuring Mohamed Hamaki. The…

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What’s Your Favorite Resident Evil And Which One Do You Think Is The Best?

Resident Evil is a classic video game franchise that’s been around for decades. And for good reason, too – whether…

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Windjammers 2 breaks the Neo Geo cycle

For the past decade or so, I’ve run into a consistent problem revisiting classic Neo Geo games. It always starts…

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That Pierce Brosnan mermaid-murder movie should be weirder

The King’s Daughter is an expensive-looking fantasy epic that spent close to a decade on the shelf, only to creep…

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New State Of The Industry Report Reveals Nearly 75% Of Devs Surveyed Aren’t Interested In NFTs

Talk of NFTs, blockchain gaming, and play-to-earn models seem nigh unescapable these days, but it seems developers are still largely against…

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Peacock’s Supernatural Academy creates a tween cartoon from a steamy romance series

Even before Harry Potter, magical schools have been a staple of fantasy stories — and they continue to be a…

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Thirty Four Raven Software QA Employees Unionize After Weeks Of Striking

Nearly three dozen Raven Software employees have agreed to form a union.  Announced in a press release, this union is…

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