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The Walking Dead: World Beyond trailer: Zombie-killing is now for kids!

The main series of The Walking Dead has now been on for 10 seasons, and so much time has passed since Rick started traversing the dystopian America with his son, the introduction of Michonne, the spinning off of Fear the Walking Dead, Steven Yeun’s gorgeous mug getting hit in the face with a baseball bat, Rick departed the show, and everything else that’s transpired in AMC’s adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic, that it’s now time for babies to get their turn with the franchise. We’re all old, is what I’m saying.

Premiering at the 2020 San Diego Comic-Con, the trailer for The Walking Dead: World Beyond imagines a new generation born into the zombie apocalypse and yearning to know what lies beyond the walls. The Walking Dead is for kids now!

The walkers still get bashed in the face with blunt objects, splashing gallons of Greg Nicotero-approved blood all over the place, but the tone of the trailer is somewhat bizarrely spry in the face of all that horror. This isn’t spoopy Walking Dead, but it isn’t the morose original series with teens plugged in either. With shades of Angie Thomas, John Green, and the pillars of modern YA fiction, the diverse cast of kiddos are battling flesh-eaters and their feelings about the state of the world. It’s extremely sincere, which in 2020 plays even younger than the cast itself.

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At the 2019 Comic-Con, The Walking Dead’s chief content officer Scott Gimple teased the series as a kind of Lord of the Flies with zombies. “We’re going to see some of these kids become heroes, and some becomes villains,” Gimple teased at the time. The trailer looks a bit more like The Perks of Being a Walkerslayer.

Will kids help make Robert Kirkman’s mega-franchise a hit for another 10 years? We’ll know in a few months: The Walking Dead: World Beyond premieres Sunday, Oct. 4, directly after The Walking Dead season 10 finale.

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