Emergency warning issued for SA bushfire

A bushfire is burning out-of-control in South Australia’s southeast.

An emergency warning has been issued for a bushfire burning out of control in South Australia’s southeast.

The blaze broke out at Blackford, about 150km northwest of Mount Gambier, in the Mount Scott Conservation Park.

“This fire may pose a threat to lives directly in its path,” the Country Fire Service (CFS) said in a message issued on Monday afternoon.

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“Act now. Leave, if the path is clear to a safer place, as it will soon be too dangerous to drive.”

It is moving in the direction of Lucindale-Kingston Road, Avenue Range Road, Carrachers Road, Olivers Road, Minnie Crowe Road, Old Avenue Road, Crower Road and Old Coach Road.

“If you cannot leave, identify where you will seek shelter from the bushfire,” the alert said.

“Heat from the fire will kill you. Do not enter this area as conditions are dangerous.”

The CFS says the blaze is burning in a south-to-south-easterly direction towards the town of Lucindale, where a Watch and Act message is in place.

That town has a population of about 500 people.

SA Power Networks reports that more than 3100 customers in the state’s southeast are now without power.

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The outage is affecting towns including Naracoorte, Kingston SE, Lucindale, Blackford and Coorong.

Temperatures across South Australia soared on Monday. At Naracoorte, east of the bushfire warning area, the mercury hit 38.9C at 2.30pm.

In Adelaide, the temperature was forecast to reach 37C.

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