Ohio Police Bodycam Shows Lead-Up to Woman Being Punched by Officer

Police released bodycam footage of the moments leading up to an officer punching a woman outside a McDonald’s restaurant in Dayton, Ohio. Butler Township Police Department released this footage, filmed on January 16, showing two officers confronting Latinka Hancock in the McDonald’s parking lot, before one officer punches her three times. “She refused to take my dollar to give me 30 cents after I paid for extra cheese,” Hancock tells the officers about a disagreement with McDonald’s employees, which prompted the workers to call the police. “She got an attitude because I asked her for a refund and called the police because she didn’t want to give me back my money,” Hancock says. The police, identified by the department as Sgt. Todd Stanley and officer Tim Zellers, ask for her name to issue a trespass notice. Hancock initially refuses to provide any identifying information. “If you don’t stop, you’re going to end up going to jail,” Zellers warns her. Hancock is heard in the video yelling the spelling of her name and then saying, “Write it down so I can go.” She adds, “I’m not giving you nothing, I already said it.” Zellers then tells Hancock she is under arrest. The situation quickly escalates and the footage shows both officers grabbing Hancock, and Zellers pulling out his taser. Hancock continues to argue and Stanley strikes her. Hancock was hit three times, sustained injuries, and spent a night in a hospital, her attorney, Michael Wright of the Wright and Schulte law firm, previously told Storyful. Butler Township Police said on Tuesday, January 17, that an investigation had been launched into the conduct of both officers. Stanley, the police officer who struck Hancock, was placed on paid leave. Credit: Butler Township Police Dept. via Storyful

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