Defence in Cornwall murder trial challenges victim’s mother on relationship with accused

“In discussion with police, you block out any mention of a phone call where Emilie says she’s afraid.”

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CORNWALL — Defence counsel Paolo Giancaterino suggested the victim’s mother only assumed her daughter was fearful of the accused in an emotional fourth day of Brandon Smeltzer’s first-degree murder trial.

Smeltzer, 27, was arrested in October 2018 after Emilie Maheu was found dead in a cornfield. If convicted, he faces life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Smeltzer is accused of planning the events that led to Maheu’s death that fateful October, but Crown attorneys Elaine Evans and Isabel Blanchard are attempting to prove his actions were premeditated and purposeful. Smeltzer previously told the court he killed Maheu, the mother of his young daughter.

Diane Brossoit, Maheu’s mother, began testifying Wednesday about the relationship between Maheu and Smeltzer. She returned to testify Thursday.

Giancaterino began his cross-examination by pointing out how some testimony given by Brossoit on Wednesday had not previously been shared with police. Judge Laurie Lacelle saw statements from Oct. 12, 2018, after Maheu was reported missing. There was no mention that Maheu had previously told Brossoit she feared Smeltzer even though Brossoit testified Wednesday that her daughter had called and told her she was afraid. At the time, Smeltzer and Maheu lived together in Halifax.

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“In discussion with police, you block out any mention of a phone call where Emilie says she’s afraid,” Giancaterino said.

Brossoit said maybe the question was never asked, or she forgot to mention it on the phone call.

“I may have been in shock, I was just trying to absorb what he was telling me,” Brossoit said through an interpreter.

Giancaterino said Brossoit had opportunities to tell police since 2018. During Evans’ re-examination, Brossoit maintained Maheu had told her she was afraid and she wanted to return to Alexandria, where she was from.

On Wednesday, Brossoit told the court that, after Maheu called and said she was afraid, Brossoit suggested she phone the police. Brossoit testified Maheu said she could not do that because Smeltzer told her not to. Giancaterino said Brossoit never told police about the suggestion, to which she agreed, but reaffirmed what her daughter said in testimony to Crown attorneys.

Brossoit also testified Smeltzer had visited Maheu with just five minutes’ notice only days before her disappearance was reported to police. Brossoit knew about the encounter because she was there and saw Smeltzer. She said Maheu was nervous and uncomfortable with Smeltzer’s presence.

Giancaterino questioned why she thought Maheu was nervous.

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“Is it fair to say you just acted normally with her? There was nothing special there?” Giancaterino asked after Brossoit said she asked Maheu about work and helped her with chores to ease her anxiety.

Brossoit told Evans she did this because Maheu said she was scared of Smeltzer.

The court heard Maheu struggled with making ends meet and had significant debt. The court heard from Brossoit and a friend of Maheu that Smeltzer spent money excessively and refused to adhere to a budget while they were together, which caused some debt, and refused to pay child support when they were apart.

The trial continues Friday.

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