From French toast to Newfie flapjacks: A cookbook for charity

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The cookbook has recipes for just about everything you could imagine eating for breakfast, from muffins and muesli to veggie soup and a “quick, irresistible waffle sandwich with smoked salmon” contributed by well-known Ottawa cookbook author Margaret Dickenson.

Adams said he was glad to participate in the cookbook project because it reflected themes that were close to his heart: the promotion of home cooking with whole-food ingredients and educating children about food.

He once developed and taught a cooking course at a Montessori school, helping five- to 10-year-olds discover and appreciate food, cooking and nutrition. “It was some crazy stuff,” he said. “We made sausages from scratch. I really pushed their technique. I had them making sushi.”

Adams said he chose his French toast recipe for the cookbook because it employed whole ingredients and was easy to make at home.

“At the bistro, I charged a lot of money for it, but it’s something you can make at home for practically nothing.”

Making it at home is the only option at the moment. Benny’s Bistro inside Le Boulanger Français served the dish, but it closed in March because of the pandemic.

The bakery remains open for take-out, including the baguettes needed for the recipe.

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Adams says he’s also very aware of the need for school breakfast programs in a city where one in five children live in poverty.

The Ottawa Network for Education had to revise its school breakfast program this year because of COVID-19. Breakfasts provided to school children became “grab and go,” with children picking up pre-packaged food on their way into school.

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