Jimmy Wise said he didn’t like homicide victim’s drinking, swearing, court hears

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An autopsy revealed he had been shot at least three times from behind with a .22. One bullet went through the back of his head and lodged in the front of his skull, above the eyebrow.

Bourgeois told court that after Collison’s body was found, Wise drove to his home in Green Valley, Ont., near the Quebec border, to show him a newspaper story about the discovery. The story included some pictures of Collison.

“I couldn’t understand it, why he’d drive all the way there and show me those pictures,” Bourgeois said. “It was odd, you know?”

Bourgeois described Wise as a man who was then “pretty big and pretty strong.” Wise was “triple or four times” as strong as he was, Bourgeois said, adding that he once saw Wise pick up a man by the throat and throw him “quite a ways”.

The incident happened in the town of Finch, east of Chesterville, about a month after Collison disappeared, Bourgeois said.

Another witness told court Monday that Wise said it would be easy for him to acquire a rifle. Aaron Finn, now 35, said he used to hang out in Wise’s garage. “It would be like something to do for the day,” Finn said of hanging out in Wise’s rented garage with other locals.

One day, Finn told court, the subject of a gun came up and Wise told him he’d have no trouble getting one for Finn. “He (Wise) said it wouldn’t be hard for him to get a rifle.”

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Finn said that after Collsion disappeared, he and some others began to search for him. They went to his trailer and other hangouts, he said.

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