LRT service rates quietly improve under reduced ridership, system fixes

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Transpo and RTG delivered about 95 per cent of scheduled service between January 2020 and October 2020, with the monthly low point in January at 88 per cent when power “arcing” problems were reducing the number of trains available for operations.

Ninety-five per cent sounds like a decent result until you hear that Transpo considers a minimum of 97 per cent as an acceptable rate. Anything below that and it’s likely customers have experienced unexpected longer wait times for trains.

However, there were five months that reached 98 per cent: April, May, September and October.

November was on record-setting pace for service delivery about halfway through the month when it was achieving 99 per cent. There was only one time that Transpo dipped below that crucial 97 per cent delivery rate and it was when there was a deer on the tracks around Cyrville Station on Nov. 4.

The second half of November brought setbacks, like a derailed train in the connector tunnel at Belfast yard and a brake problem on a train at uOttawa Station, both on Nov. 18.

OTTAWA – November 27, 2020 — LRT line leaving and coming between Tunney’s Pasture and Pimisi station. Photo by Jean Levac /Jean Levac

Other blips included a brake fault on a train during the afternoon of Nov. 25, a “technical issue” on Nov. 24 that caused delays and a train that had to be moved from Tunney’s Pasture Station on Nov. 23.

Transit officials are now closely monitoring the LRT’s performance in winter weather.

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RTG is trying to have all heater upgrades on track switches done by the start of December. The switches guide trains between tracks.

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