OC Transpo warns users not to accept unsolicited ‘rideshare’ offers at bus stops, transit stations

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OC Transpo has issued a cautionary message to transit riders after a woman said online that she had been approached by a man offering a lift to people waiting for a bus, claiming to be working for the transit agency, at Bank Street and Heron Road.

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In a post on the social media platform Reddit on Wednesday, the unidentified woman said she had been approached by a man in a black sedan saying he was sent on behalf of OC Transpo to offer people rides because their buses weren’t expected to arrive.

The woman wrote that she declined the offer before the man drove off and that the scheduled bus arrived soon after that. 

She said she reported the incident to the driver, “who seemed concerned and said he’d call it in,” and she intended to file a police report. 

Paul Treboutat, the chief safety officer with OC Transpo, said in an emailed statement that the transit agency was “aware” of the social media report and that the Ottawa Police Serviced had been informed.

“OC Transpo does not pick up passengers in unmarked vehicles. If someone approaches you claiming to be an OC Transpo rideshare service, do not enter the vehicle and call the Ottawa Police Service,” Treboutat advised.

Riders experiencing such an episode were advised by an OC Transpo Twitter post to call 613-560-5000 to report it or to submit an online incident report at the webpage.

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