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Ottawa wants to keep social media creators out of online streaming rules | CBC News

The federal government is telling Canada’s broadcasting regulator to exclude individual social media creators in the regulations to implement the…

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Nova Scotians arrange lobster dinner for American firefighter celebrating 60th birthday | CBC News

Community members in Shelburne County took hospitality to the next level earlier this week, when they quickly arranged a 60th…

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Opinion: Canada must not bow to French demands to extradite Hassan Diab

Breadcrumb Trail Links Opinion Columnists The scapegoating of this Ottawa academic for a 1980 synagogue bombing in Paris continues the…

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Higgs threatens election over Policy 713 as 8 PCs break ranks | CBC News

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs said he was willing to call an election over changes to Policy 713, which was…

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Sudbury’s Pandora Topp teams up with Ottawa’s Thirteen Strings to perform the music of Édith Piaf

Breadcrumb Trail Links Local Arts Entertainment The incomparable chanteuse’s beautiful music and tragic life continue to inspire artists and audiences…

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Supporters of Ottawa professor Hassan Diab urge Canada to reject France’s latest extradition request

Breadcrumb Trail Links News Local News Under the first step in the Canadian extradition process, Justice Department officials decide whether…

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Modern design: Dark wood returns to the spotlight

Breadcrumb Trail Links Life Homes Author of the article: Linda White  •  Special to Postmedia Network Published Jun 08, 2023…

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Rubin: Price keeps climbing for Ottawa’s still-unfinished communism memorial

Breadcrumb Trail Links Opinion Columnists Monument-building in the nation’s capital has taken on a life of its own. And once…

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Adam: Everywhere, food retailers are shrinking the product, boosting the price

Breadcrumb Trail Links Opinion Columnists And then there’s the habit of slapping a “special” sticker on a product being sold…

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‘Kind of dehumanizing’: What it’s like trying to find a decent place to rent in Calgary these days | CBC News

Calgarians looking for a decent place to live say navigating the city’s rental market has become an exhausting, demoralizing ordeal.…

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