Today’s letters: On Trump’s legacy, China, and drinking fountains

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Eric Scheuneman, Maberly

Bureaucrats should read their morning paper

Re: Sensitive equipment being purchased by Global Affairs Canada without consultation with security experts: report, Jan. 18; Canadian selection of Chinese firm for security equipment sparked major concerns in U.S., Jan. 19.

Thank you for putting this on your front page. It’s disturbing that the bureaucrats at Procurement Canada and Global Affairs Canada didn’t see any problem with the  Nuctech deal until after the National Post reported on it.

I would strongly recommend that these bureaucrats read the Ottawa Citizen to stay informed about what is going on in the world, particularly in China.

Colin Henderson, Ottawa

Why NCC drinking fountains aren’t a waste

Re: H2 Ouch — NCC spends $205K to replace three water fountains at Dow’s Lake, Jan. 15.

I am dismayed at the number of people who think that drinking fountains are a waste of money. This is money well spent by the NCC and I wish there were more drinking fountains available, especially in shopping centres.

$250,000 is the equivalent of 125,000 plastic bottles of water, which end up in the garbage or, with a little bit of luck, in the recycling. How many plastic bottles will these fountains save over the years? Plastic bottles are environmentally unfriendly.

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I have noticed that water fountains have been removed from the shopping centres in the past 30 years, which obliges shoppers to buy a plastic bottle of water whenever thirsty while shopping. This is ecologically wrong.

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