Coronavirus live: UK scientists warn of ‘real risk’ of second wave

Trump again uses term ‘Kung Flu’ at rally

US President Donald Trump again used the term “Kung Flu” to describe the coronavirus at a rally in Phoenix on Tuesday.

Trump has used the term multiple times in recent days, even as people have criticised his use of the term as racist.

Since coronavirus infections started appearing in the United States in January, Asian Americans have shared stories of minor aggression to blatant attacks from people blaming them for the pandemic, which has killed more than 120,000 people in the United States.

Trump also said he didn’t know what the 19 in COVID-19 referred to. The term is a reference to the novel coronavirus that originated in 2019.

“It’s got all different names, Wuhan, Wuhan was catching on, coronavirus, right? Kung flu. COVID, COVID-19, COVID. I said, what’s the 19? COVID-19. Some people can’t explain what the 19. COVID-19. I said, that’s an odd name. I could give you many, many names. Some people call it the Chinese flu. The China flu. Right. They call it the China as opposed to Chinese, the China. I’ve never seen they like it. But here’s the story, we are going to be stronger than ever before and it’s going to be soon,” the President of the United States told his supporters, before going on to attack likely presidential rival Joe Biden.

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