The most active banks of Uzbekistan

The Center for Economic Research and Reforms has updated the rating of the most active banks in Uzbekistan. The largest growth was shown by “National Bank” and “Infinbank” with 4 and 3 points rise respectively. At the same time, “Ipotekabank” dropped out of the top three, and “Uzpromstroybank” showed the largest decline in the overall rating.

The Center for Economic Research and Reforms (CERR) has developed a “Bank Activity Index” for 31 commercial banks of Uzbekistan. Based on the CERR Index, the rating of banks is updated quarterly. The study is conducted to monitor changes in the share of the private sector in banking assets, as well as to assess the effectiveness of reforms and transformation processes in the country’s banking sector.

As of June 1, 2022, the assets of the banking system of the republic amounted to 493.7 trillion sums (an increase of 25% by June 1, 2021), liabilities – 420.2 trillion sums (+26%), loans – 345.2 trillion sums (+15.9%), deposits – 173.9 trillion sums (+37.8%).

In the study by CERR, banks were divided into two groups — large and small. The rating is compiled separately for each of these groups. At the same time, the group of small banks includes banks operating only in Tashkent city (or only in one region).

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Rating of activity of large banks for the second quarter of 2022

Among the 17 major banks, the Top-3 is as follows: “Kapitalbank” continues to hold the top position in the overall rating, it has improved its indicators compared to the previous quarter in terms of financial capital adequacy and profitability, which indicates the active work of the bank with the population and business representatives. However, the rating results show that the bank should pay attention to capital adequacy and profitability.

“Trastbank” retained its leading position, holding the second line of the rating, and “Hamkorbank” closes the Top-3 with 1 point up.

“Ipotekabank” is one of the largest banks with a state share, which previously showed dynamic growth (by 6 points), shifted from 3rd to 5th place in the overall rating. The low indicator for the bank’s financial intermediation indicates the need to further increase the ratio of term deposits to loans, increase the efficiency of using funds received from other banks and financial institutions, as well as obligations to the Ministry of Finance. 

“National Bank of Uzbekistan” has risen in the overall rating by 4 positions (12th place). Positive results were noted in terms of the bank’s management efficiency and liquidity.

“Mikrokreditbank” also rose by 2 points in the overall standings, taking 10th place, which is caused by significant positive changes in the bank’s financial intermediation indicators (10th place) and asset quality (11th place).

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“Uzpromstroybank” has lost 4 positions in the rating, dropping from 10th to 14th place, which is caused by changes in the quality of the bank’s assets, management efficiency and liquidity. In particular, the volume of problem loans has increased and the ratio of highly liquid assets to total assets has decreased.

Rating of activity of small banks for the second quarter of 2022

Among the 14 small banks in Uzbekistan, “Universalbank” became the most active in the 2nd quarter, which improved its position by 3 points at once. At the same time, “Davr Bank” remains the leader of the rating in the category of small banks, maintaining its leading positions.

“TBC Bank” lost three positions in the overall rating and dropped from the 6th to the 9th line of the rating.

Khalilulloh Khamidov, Head of sector, CERR

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