Benefits of having a job young

Ever since I was around twelve, I’ve dreamed of having a job and earning my own money and I finally found myself a weekend job when I turned sixteen. I think there’s nothing more rewarding than being paid for your hard work whether it’s stacking shelves at a library or stacking plates at a restaurant. Having a job as a teenager teaches you more than you think about real life. For example, the simplest thing such as time management- you’re obviously not going to want to be late for work because one, you don’t want to be on the radar, but also two, every minute counts as part of pay so of course you wouldn’t want to be late. It also develops your social skills as you are inevitably going to speak to many people you don’t know, especially when you’re new to a job. And of course money spending- starting out my job I initially could not manage my spending wisely to save my life, until a few months into my job, it definitely made me realise how easy it is to spend and how much harder it is to save and I have definitely seen a difference in the way i view money and spending compared some people who have never had jobs. Essentially having a job young teaches you different life skills that would definitely benefit anyone in the future.

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