Canary Wharf Connected By Light – Alayna Husain Beal High School

The perfect place to have been during the last few weeks of Winter. Canary Wharf’s light show has been the talk all around London. This free light show presents itself just outside the energetic shopping centre and around the stunning lake. Not only is this place free to enter, there is also no need to book, just turn up and enjoy the scenery!

The main attraction would be the floating Earth laying on the lake, however due to this popular destination it was hard to get a good sight with the hundreds of people surrounding the area.

The light show was available from light to dark, however, as you can imagine, lights work better in the dark and many flooded to the area between 5pm until 8pm. The last day of show was astonishingly crowded, demonstrating the public’s eagerness to experience these lights. It can therefore be said that the organisers should consider extending the dates possibly all the way into February- the last of Winter. 

So, this may be the place to consider for Christmas 2024 if you feel as though Winter Wonderland does not live up to it’s hype. With this experience, you’ll have nothing to risk but crowds. Not only this, but the area is rather convinient as it is right near the entrance of Canary Wharf station which interlocks with many shops from high street to designer. 

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