Catalytic Car Converter Theft – Ananya Rammohan Croydon High School

In light of the recent pandemic, there has been a shocking surge in robberies. At first, we immediately jumped to protect our valuables, our car keys but never once did it occur to us to protect the catalytic converters in our cars…

But why the catalytic converter? Easily accessible, these invaluable parts contain precious metals which can then be sold, making them easy targets. Concerned member of the community, Julie Cavigan after witnessing such a theft mentioned that “It was very unsettling to see that happen, and to know that there was nothing we could do. I felt helpless, something that you read so much about but then seeing it happen in real life is completely different.” 


It was a winter evening at around 6 pm when approaching Brancaster lane, 3 men were spotted next to a black BMW. Approaching the train station, these men started to lift the car up. After working on a particular area, one man stood guarding the car. The sheer number of people conducting their daily lives did not faze the thieves, Julie added that: “undeterred they finished the job and drove away.”


Despite any efforts to take a registration number, it was all in vain. It is important to draw attention to the goings on of our community and to know how to avoid such terrible occurrences. One such way is by parking closer to kerbs or fences. This limits the access to the catalytic converter, thus making it less susceptible to theft. Never hesitate to report such findings to help reduce the increasing crime rates.


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