Fantastic Beasts: The secrets of Dumbledore – By Mahi BWHS

The movie was not great however not the worst. Fantasy and adventure were the genres. David Yates was the director and David Heyman, Steve Kloves, Tim Lewis, J.K. Rowling, Lionel Wigram are the producers.

Professor Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) is aware that Gellert Grindelwald (Mads Mikkelsen), a powerful Dark wizard, is plotting to gain control of the wizarding world. He entrusts Magizoologist Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) to lead an intrepid team of wizards, witches, and one courageous Muggle baker on a risky expedition, where they battle Grindelwald’s growing legion of followers and encounter old and new animals. But, with the stakes so high, how much longer can Dumbledore wait?

Insignificant plotlines and unnecessary characters muddle The Secrets of Dumbledore. It lacks a constant tone or protagonist due to its lack of focus. The film focuses on wizarding politics but does not go into detail about them. This reduces the Potterverse’s size and pleases no one. Meanwhile, the protagonist duet between Redmayne and Law is as disappointing. Surprisingly, no character (save Grindelwald) feels essential, and action sequences do not advance the plot. Finally, the film is overloaded and lacks development. The plot was boring and tedious. Slow and tedious, with a politically charged plot that is slowed down by the film’s design choices. There’s a lot of impressive CGI and special effects, but most of the action takes place in dark areas, making it difficult to see what’s going on.

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The graphics were magnificent, with some stunning shots and immersive cinematography. The plot, on the other hand, lacked depth. Furthermore, the film’s magic lacked the awe and wonder of the Harry Potter flicks.

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