How can YOU help fight Climate Change – Joseph Kim, Tiffin School

The world has already warmed up by 1.2 degrees celsius since the pre-industrial era and as this number steadily increases, it is now more than ever, important to act. In this article there will be numerous different ways for you to help with the fight against climate change.


1. Waste

– We bin 50 million tons of electrical waste globally every year

– We throw away 7.2 million tons of food every year (half of which is perfectly edible)

– We waste 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste and only recycle 9%

– The amount of trash generated by the UK alone could fill Britain’s largest lake, Lake    Windermere in just 8 months.

Waste contributes to climate change by emitting greenhouse gases which speed up climate change. You can help fight climate change by:

– Correctly and responsibly recycling

– Not littering and picking up litter

– Turning your lights and appliances off when not needed

– Not using water in excess (e.g prefer showers over baths)

– Avoid food waste by buying only what you need 

– Turn down your heating a degree or two


2. Travel

Transport makes up around a quarter of all greenhouse gases produced across the world. Many governments are implementing policies to reduce carbon footprints. You can help fight climate change by:

– If you drive to work/school consider taking public transport (e.g a train or bus)

– If your destination is not too far away why not walk or cycle?

– Buying an electric car instead of a diesel or petrol car

– Reduce the number of long-haul flights you take


3. Social and Political

Climate Change existance is a certainty with surplus evidence and data to back this up. Despite this there are (though few) sceptics who question if Climate Change is all that important. Some of these people are important people who work for the government in countires all over the world. You can help fight climate change by:

– Spread the word to friends and families and encourage them to live more sustainably. 

– Join a global movement such as Count Us In

-Keep political pressure. Your voice is important!



There are many things you can do to help fight Climate Change, some of them are listed above but there are many more things you can do. Lets all work together to ensure the safety of our planet.









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