Hummingbirds and Pink Men in St. John’s Wood-Angela Jison-The Tiffin Girls’ School

On Saturday 26th November, the Hummingbird Bakery opened it’s doors to the community of St John’s Wood and I was lucky enough to be amongst the crowd enthralled by the American cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, brownies and more that they had to offer. 


As I walked along St John’s Wood High Street, the first thing that caught my eye was a group of men wearing pink waistcoats and pink bowties singing the classic ‘Stand By Me’ by Ben E. King. A large group of people had already gathered and although the weather was rather bleak the atmosphere was electric and filled you with the warmth that the temperature couldn’t provide. As the song drew to a close, applause burst from the crowd and the jovial pink men welcomed everyone inside. The Hummingbird Bakery in St John’s Wood was officially open to everyone!


Stepping inside, the ambrosial, almost warm aroma wafted towards me and I was instantly reminded of baking sessions with my parents many years ago. Everyone in the shop was mesmerised by the assortment of baked goods and no one could decide which treats to pick. Not only were there so many delicious sweet treats, at the back of the bakery, there was a customisation station making The Hummingbird Bakery the perfect place to get a cake for any occasion.


Marie Jolie, the branch manager of the bakery, told me that “we’re hoping to have a nice relationship with all the neighbours and our customers” and it was already clear to see that this bakery is going to be the one that local residents would all bring their friends and family to. Other members of staff were also immensely welcoming and talking to them instantly put you at ease, whether it be the pink singing men or the staff members inside, offering their suggestions to help their indecisive customers.


“I came here to have a look at the charity shops … and I heard singing and I saw pink so I thought ‘oh there’s men in pink singing, let’s go and find out what that’s about’” said Debra Schiman who had come to St. John’s Wood to take a look around the charity shops but was lured into the bakery by its fascinating sights and smells. “I’ve had the carrot cake and it stands up in itself”, Miss Schiman told me and her teddy bear, named Bearsac also added, “they should be very honoured to have me come here, especially on their opening day… so today, on their opening day they’ve had a celebrity teddy attend!” Both Miss Schiman and Bearsac loved their carrot cake and Debra said that “if my sweet tooth is overriding my savoury tooth, then I may well come back!”


The friendly staff and cozy atmosphere will most certainly attract everyone in the neighbourhood and there is no doubt that this bakery will be loved and cherished by all members of the St John’s Wood community.

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