Old Bexley & Sidcup by-election: Reform candidate asks for your vote

Voters in the Old Bexley and Sidcup constituency will select their new MP tomorrow (December 2), following the tragic death of James Brokenshire. 

Former local government secretary Mr Brokenshire won the seat with a majority of almost 19,000 at the 2019 general election.

Richard Tice is standing for the Reform Party, formerly known as the Brexit Party.

News Shopper has given the main candidates the opportunity to speak directly to readers ahead of polling day.

Richard Tice – Reform

On behalf of a frustrated nation, this Thursday you have an opportunity to send a loud, clear message to Westminster that you have had enough of business as usual in parliament.

During the course of just these last few weeks, Westminster has given countless more examples of why that change couldn’t be more important. We have a leaderless, directionless government, incapable of delivering on the promise our country offers, and we a vacuous, toothless opposition unable to hold anybody to account. 

Our country has so much potential and there is so much it can achieve but for that to happen, the politics of Britain needs radical reform.  

We can start delivering that change right here in Old Bexley and Sidcup, but only if you vote for it – and this is what I’m asking you to vote for:

Zero Waiting Lists
Hospital waiting lists are too long and our hospitals are not as safe as they should be. Healthcare in our country is in real need of Reform. We will always keep healthcare free at the point of delivery but would introduce a voucher scheme to achieve zero waiting lists, putting patients in charge of their own healthcare.

Cheaper Energy
Britain is in the grip of an entirely self-inflicted energy crisis. The Governments current net-stupid energy plans will destroy British jobs – sending them overseas, especially to China and will lead to huge increases in domestic bills every year to pay overseas-owned energy firms. Unacceptable and unnecessary. We will nationalise 50% of our key utilities with the other 50% owned by UK pension funds and would stop overseas owners from profiteering from our critical infrastructure. Also, We would also commit to saving your boilers and significantly reducing consumer costs

Securing Our Borders
With all the benefits of Brexit, Westminster is still failing to stop countless boats of illegal immigrants from crossing the channel every day. Let’s welcome those who have high-level skills and talents but make clear that illegal immigration is not acceptable and put an end to vile people smugglers.

Lowering Taxes
The ConSocialist Tories have raised taxes to the highest level for 70 years, penalising the least well-off the most. We need to grow our way out of the covid crisis, not tax our way back to Tory austerity.  We will free up 6 million people from paying any income tax and would lift the minimum tax threshold from £12,500 p.a. to £20,000 p.a.

Five years ago it was the people of Britain, not the politicians, who freed our country from the shackles of the European Union and returned our independence.

I’m asking you to take that same stand on Thursday. To say loud and clear that now is the Reform.

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