When Life Imitates Art- R.F Kuang goes on a strike By Hemashri Iyer Bancrofts School

During the 66 days of strike, R.f Kuang, whom HarperCollins is heavily associated with, having published all 4 of her wildly sucsessful fantasy books with, decided that she too would go on strike with the people of HarperCollins. This is in tandem with her recently published book ‘Babel- An Arcane History’, which as Kuang herself put it, is about ‘the power of strikes and collective action’ which is a major theme of Babel. It looks as though Kuang practiced what she preached, and joined the strike against the corperation that sustains herself and her career. She is obviously sucsessful enough to be able to do that and spread the word to those unaware, and that is brave of her and those 250 workers to stand up against what was so blatantly wrong and try and advance into a better life. Kuang stated that ‘HarperCollins wanted me to keep publishing books for them, but they should treat the folks who put my books on the shelves with dignity and respect. I think they will find that a lot of authors like me might be heading elsewhere’. 

Kuang stated that she will be moving corperations and is currently publishing with William Morrow & Co and no longer associates with HarperCollins.

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