Why do young people love socialism? Arya Dassi, Parmiter’s School

Some argue it could lie in the cultural popularity of the term by people who might not fully understand true socialist values, such as those who wear Che Guevara t-shirts without really knowing who he was. Others claim it’s the ‘radical, woke’ propaganda indoctrinating youngsters, and that it’s just a phase to want socialism. 

However, that report seems to provide substantial reasons as to its surge in support. It claims 75% agree that climate change is a “specifically capitalist problem”. Furthermore, over 70% agreed that “capitalism fuels racism”, while 73% said a socialist system would boost solidarity, compassion and cooperation among people.

Co-founder of Novara Media, Aaron Bastani, thinks the answer “is quite straightforward.”

“They’re giving up on capitalism because capitalism has given up on them. Over the last two decades, the odds of a young adult on an average income owning their own home has more than halved. So renting is the norm, particularly for the young.”

According to The Guardian, tenants typically spend 50% of their pay on rent. 

“Meanwhile, real wages haven’t budged for around 15 years, and today, the average student graduates with approximately £50k of debt.”

“’It should be obvious why younger people are increasingly left-wing – they get a terrible deal on everything!”

So do you think Gen Z will bring about a socialist revolution?

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