Charles Barkley shares the story of losing a $100,000 bet on the Falcons in Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl LI was not a great day for the Atlanta Falcons, their fans, or as it turns out, NBA legend Charles Barkley. As the Falcons watched their 28-3 lead slip through their fingers to the New England Patriots, Barkley was watching $100,000 slip through his fingers.

He told the story on the Dan Patrick Show, explaining that the sting of the 2016 Super Bowl is still there, saying it was his only betting loss on the Super Bowl in the last couple of years.

Barkley placed a $100,000 bet on the Falcons and admits he was pretty confident with 30 minutes of play behind him.

“I was drunk at halftime. I was doing shots. Hey, I was up 28-3, I was feeling it,” he said.

Despite his confident feeling, a friend reminded him the game is not over yet. 

The game, which was the first Super Bowl to go to overtime, took a bad turn for the Falcons due to poor decision making, clock management and a Patriots defense determined to back Matt Ryan and company out of field goal territory.

Then all that needed to happen was Tom Brady doing what he does best, and the rest is championship history. Patrick said, “As soon as Brady got the ball for the last time,” and Barkley finished the sentence adding, “You knew it was over.”

The Patriots got the ball first in OT and a James White touchdown run secured the team’s sixth Super Bowl win in two decades.” … Dan, that was so heartbreaking,” Barkley said, with a look that backed up those feelings.

Barkley was already drinking and said the drinks didn’t stop flowing when he started losing the bet.

“I just got drunker,” Barkley said. “That’s one thing about gambling. You drink when you’re going to win, but you drink more when you’re going to lose.”

This story is one that likely resonates with many other gamblers, as it was the largest comeback in Super Bowl history.

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