Warriors could be getting Andrew Wiggins back as Steve Kerr provides optimistic update


While I’m not prepared to completely rule out the championship viability of any team that includes Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, I think we can all agree that the Golden State Warriors, if they are going to make a serious playoff run, need Andrew Wiggins back. 

There could be some good news developing on that front. 

Prior to Golden State’s pivotal victory over the Pelicans on Tuesday, Steve Kerr revealed that Wiggins, who has missed the Warriors’ last 20 games, has been working out on a “daily basis” and that the possibility of Wiggins not returning at some point “hasn’t even been discussed.” 

“Once he’s back,” Kerr said, “our training staff will get with him and see where he is [physically].” 

This is the type of language Warriors fans wants to hear. The “once he’s back” comment is an optimistic tell that Kerr at least expects Wiggins to give this a go, and if it’s going to come down to whether Wiggins is in playing shape, well, that won’t take long. Again, Kerr said he’s been working out daily, and Wiggins pretty much lives at or near peak condition. If that’s the only holdup, this is looking good. 

This is great news for the Warriors, who are currently sitting in the No. 6 seed with a one-game cushion over Minnesota and five games to play. You don’t have to stretch your imagination that far to see Golden State making a run from that spot with Wiggins back in the lineup. 

At present, they would get the Kings in the first round, and either the Grizzlies or Timberwolves in the second round. They would probably be the favorite in both series with Wiggins, all while avoiding top-seeded Denver and Kevin Durant and the Suns until at least the conference finals, when Wiggins would long be back up to full speed. Given the way Golden State’s season has gone, that’s about as good a projection as they could ask for. 

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