Four-time Pro Bowl QB Michael Vick joining Fan Controlled Football league

Michael Vick has not played in an NFL game in more than six years, but the former Pro Bowl quarterback is ready to strap on the pads again.

Vick has agreed to a deal to play a game in the Fan Controlled Football league, according to a report from Reuters. The former Atlanta Falcons star has not yet been assigned to a team, but the plan is for him to play in a game on May 28. That is the final day of FCF’s regular season.

Vick apparently took an interest in Fan Controlled Football after seeing the success Terrell Owens has had in the league this year. Owens, who is 48, signed with FCF earlier this year and joined the same team as Johnny Manziel.

Once viewed as the NFL’s most exciting playmaker, Vick’s career was derailed after he admitted to being involved with an illegal dog-fighting ring. He pleaded guilty in 2007 and spent nearly two years in prison.

Vick may not be as fast as he once was, but he proved with a 40-yard dash last year that he still has plenty of speed. Even on a 50-yard field in a 7-on-7 format, he should be exciting to watch.

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