Report: NFL teams speaking to associates of Colin Kaepernick

NFL teams appear to be doing some extra research on Colin Kaepernick.

According to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network, teams have begun reaching out to “friends and associates” of Kaepernick as they assess whether signing the quarterback would be right for them.

Garafolo said that this is being done because teams want to be thoroughly prepared before trying to talk contract with Kaepernick or his agent.

“Teams are circling around here getting closer, I believe, certainly closer than they’ve been in recent years,” Garafolo said on NFL Network. “Now you might say why not just go directly to Kaepernick, go directly to his agent? Why do you have to play this game where you’re working the periphery — just more of the same? That would be a fair point. My understanding, at least to explain it from a team’s perspective, is they’re still doing their homework, still doing their research. When they get to the point where they’re confident enough that they think they can work out a contract, that’s when there’ll be direct communication with the agent.”

Kaepernick is likely getting more serious looks because of his well-publicized efforts to stay in NFL shape, as well as the added pressure on the NFL to acknowledge its failures in supporting the fight for racial justice and against police brutality. For his part, Kaepernick has always maintained that he’s ready to go and sign with a team.

In light of recent reassessment of Kaepernick’s peaceful protest, it appears that teams are more willing than ever to look into signing him. The big problem is getting a look at him in person due to travel restrictions during the pandemic, so the wait could go on a little while longer.

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