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AEW star responds to Jim Ross’ criticism while promoting upcoming AEW Dynamite match

Brandon Cutler sent out a tweet today to promote Wednesday’s 14-man tag match.

The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, MJF, Sammy Guevara, Ortiz, Santana, Jake Hager, and Wardlow) will face Best Friends, Top Flight, Varsity Blondes, and Cutler on Wednesday night.

Cutler tweeted the following:


7 vs 7

We’re gonna go outside, cluster up like coils, stand there in a huddle, friends and foes together, side-by-side to catch some leaping idiot going over the top.

Can’t wait 8pm TnT
Hopefully for 1M viewers let’s fn go”

Cutler is referencing what Jim Ross said on his podcast about wrestlers talking about the evolution of pro wrestling and not protecting finishers like the DDT or the superkick.

Here is what Ross said:

“That evolution of the business is bull**t. Yes, they should be protected. The DDT is a finish. The superkick is just a part of the flow of the match (now). Nobody wins with it. What does that say to you? Does that say guys back in the day were more proficient delivering a DDT or a superkick than in this generation where ‘things are evolving’? I want some proof of that sh*t. I want somebody to prove to me that the changing of the wrestling business is what it is today and it’s making a difference. I say no. I told a kid the other day at AEW that everybody does the same fu**ing spot. All you guys go outside. You cluster up like coils. You stand there in a huddle, friends and foes together, side by side so you can catch some leaping idiot going over the top who never wins with this move. They are looking for the “holy s**t chant. They love to hear ‘this is awesome’. It’s a spot folks. It’s a trapeze act. I don’t buy into that. The DDT is a great finish and should be used as such.”

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