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Alundra Blayze Comments On Her Status For WWE Royal Rumble

Photo Credit: WWE (via YouTube)

Despite her appearance during Monday Night RAW’s 30th Anniversary episode on January 23, Alundra Blayze, also known as Madusa, said that she hasn’t been asked to appear in the Women’s Royal Rumble on Saturday.

During a recent appearance on Good Karma Wrestling, the WWE Hall of Famer was asked if she had any plans for Saturday, the day of the Royal Rumble. Blayze joked that if she did, she wouldn’t say, but then said that WWE hadn’t asked her to appear.

“I will tell you, no, I wasn’t asked to go to Rumble this year,” said Blayze.

The former WWE superstar then mentioned that she could potentially be called up last minute. She recalled how she was asked to appear at the 30th Anniversary episode of Monday Night RAW, but WWE eventually rescinded the invitation before extending one again two days later.

In her brief appearance on the show, she popped up alongside Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) at a poker game alongside Chad Gable, Otis, Baron Corbin, and others. After looking to come away with a win thanks to a full house, Madusa was stunned by DDP, who unveiled he had a straight flush. As a result, he won the pot.

Blayze also appeared on two episodes of NXT in 2022. Otherwise, she works as a producer for the National Wrestling Alliance.

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