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Austin Theory Discusses His Current Momentum In WWE

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While many within the WWE Universe assumed the worst for Austin Theory after his failed Money in the Bank cash-in, it only took a few weeks until gold was around his waist once again. He regained the WWE United States Championship by defeating Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley at WWE Survivor Series.  To Theory, this resurgence is validating, as he has been able to show the world what he can do in a whole new light.

Theory recently spoke with Rob Armstrong of BT Sport to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked if he feels vindicated now after the WWE Universe initially thought he was getting handed opportunities, Theory emphasized that he has worked hard to get to where he is, and he believes people are seeing that now.

“I feel like now a lot of people are more so because they’re realizing, ‘Oh wow, this guy’s stepping in the ring with Seth Rollins, this guy’s stepping in the ring with Bobby Lashley. Let’s look a little more into him,’” Theory said. “Now that they’re doing that, they’re seeing my past. They’re seeing the work ethic. They’re seeing that I’ve been working at this since I was 12 years old and looking for every single way to get to the top.

“Whether it was a bodybuilding show, trying to get noticed by WWE, just working my way through the independent circuit of doing shows that I get paid nothing on, or going to a hotel and sleeping on the floor because you’re sharing it with a bunch of people. Just all of that and that grind of knowing that you can see it when nobody else does. That’s where I’ve gotten myself, and especially here. I’ve seen it, I didn’t see the detail. I didn’t see the Money in the Bank, I didn’t see the two-time United States Champion, but I knew I’d be here, and I knew I’d be great.”

When asked about his failed Money in the Bank cash-in attempt, Theory admitted that, growing up, he never imagined he’d have a failed cash-in attempt. However, he believes he can only evolve and get better from here on out.

“I’d have to say, growing up watching the Money in the Bank matches were exciting, and watching the cash-ins were exciting. But I’d have to say I never thought I’d have the failed cash-in,” Austin Theory said. “But I guess I would be one of those guys.

“But I would say for me, that whole process, that day of losing the Money in the Bank contract, where do I go now? I have nothing. I literally hit rock bottom. So what now? Just kind of just have to this revamp of a personality and bring out this different type of energy that people aren’t used to from Austin Theory; it kind of just shifts everything. For me, it’s great, and looking at it long-term, it can only evolve and get better from here.”

When ask if he believes his character stepped up since failing the Money in the Bank cash-in, Theory believes that he has. He also stated that he thrives under the kind of pressure he’s currently facing.

“Absolutely, and I’d say with that stepping up, I feel the pressure of it, but I feel like that pressure, I thrive in, and that’s what always keeps me on my toes,” Theory said. “That’s what keeps me going and really can pull me to get to that next level.”

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What do you make of Austin Theory’s comments? Do you think his failed Money in the Bank cash-in will hurt Theory in the long run? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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