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Bobby Lashley: The Crowd Helps Me See That I Still Have A Lot To Offer

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Bobby Lashley continues to enjoy an impressive second run with WWE.

Lashley defeated Theory to win the United States Championship at WWE Money in the Bank. Since he returned to the company in 2018, he has also won his first WWE Championship.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani with BT Sport, Lashley stated that this title win meant a lot to him. Almost 20 years into his career, he’s still determined to show the world that hard work pays off.

“It means a tremendous amount, man. You know Ariel. You’ve seen me in my career. I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’m almost 20 years into this. And like I said in an interview before, I’m still grinding, I’m still busting my ass every day. And every time I go to a training session, it’s almost like am I gonna keep doing this? Can I keep going? And that crowd out there, that start chanting my name and it’s like yeah, I still have so much more left in the tank. My kids, they wanna see dad on the main stage, they wanna see dad winning titles. They always tell me you know dad, you gotta work harder so you can win. And I’m setting an example for them and so many other kids that hard work does pay off. Because that’s all I am. I work harder than everyone else, there’s no doubt about it.”

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When asked about having such a successful run in his 40s, the champion stated that he envisioned these accolades for himself, and even before he returned to the spotlight WWE, he worked hard to prepare for the opportunity because he was confident that it would come.

“It’s not, man,” said Lashley. “It’s one thing, you know how when you see stuff, I saw this years ago. Before, people would tell you they’re not gonna let you in WWE at 40 years old. I kept seeing that. I was training so hard before I got back in here. And people used to see me at the gym when I wasn’t really doing anything and they were like what are you training hard for? And I was like I got something. I got something for you. I just have to get ready for it. And I kept getting ready and kept getting ready. And I was like it’s gonna happen. And I’ve seen all this. I saw myself winning this title, I saw myself winning the world title.

“I’ve seen all this stuff and I keep seeing more things. If you would only imagine some of the things that I see coming on in my career for the next couple years. It’s astronomical, it’s crazy. And it just keeps coming, it keeps happening. So I just say the harder I work, the luckier I get. Because next year, we’re gonna be standing here next year, and you’re gonna be like damn, could you really believe that you did this? And I’ll gonna say yes I did because I saw it and I told you last year. So when we interview next year at this same time, when I’m holding another title and I’m holding two titles or three titles around my waist, you’re gonna be like you said. And yes I did, and it’s gonna happen, no doubt about it.”

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