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Charlotte Flair Wants To Take Her Character To A ‘Different Place’

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Charlotte Flair has far exceeded the proverbial mountaintop in professional wrestling, so the question is, what’s next?

The SmackDown Women’s Champion recently appeared on Out of Character with Ryan Satin to discuss her new goals. Flair previously stated that surpassing the WWE record for the most title reigns would be “huge.” However, that isn’t her main focus right now.

“Everyone always asks, ‘what is there left to do? I’m like, ‘Well, am I not supposed to want that next juicy storyline or that feud that makes you not want to turn the channel?’ That’s what performing is all about. And I’m like, why is that hard for people to understand?” she explained.

“I’m not going to say I’ve main evented, so I’m not going to say I want to win this title. It’s just, I really want that next storyline that takes the character to a different place, you know? I think any performer wants that.”

With her sights set on taking her character to a “different place,” Charlotte Flair has already begun that metamorphosis. Upon her return to SmackDown, and subsequent title win, “The Queen” drew up cheers from the audience. This would prove to be a massive disparity from her previous appearance on programming. In reflecting on her newfound role as a babyface, Flair opened up about crowd’s positive reaction to her.

“It’s been nice,” she said. “I said recently in an interview, I never had that feel good moment. I mean, I’ve had incredible moments in my career, but what I meant was like — characters have pivotal moments when they turn, right? Mine happened to be because I was gone for so long, but I felt like this was an actual opportunity to turn when other times it felt so forced. So maybe that’s what I meant, was like this was an organic, feel-good moment that wasn’t forced or we weren’t trying to create it.”

Along with the initial “feel-good moment,” Flair recalled a similar moment with some young fans at ringside. “I was doing my entrance [a few weeks ago], and I’m always so stoic as I walk to the ring. There was like five or six kids lined up on my right side. Seriously, they were just shaking to touch me and I never break character or go to high five them. I was just walking, doing my entrance, and I was like, ‘Oh, they’re making my day’.[I] just gave them high fives. Then when I gave the first girl a high five, you would have thought that I was like a real superhero. Those moments now that I get to do those, is what it’s all about. I don’t have to shy away. It’s just nice to be able to interact with the kids.”

“I’ve had my superhero moment,” she said.

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