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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite 82 In-Depth Review (Photos) – Wrestlezone

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at Mattel WWE Elite 82 featuring:

  • Keith Lee (plus Chase variant)
  • Finn Bálor
  • Alexa Bliss
  • Jerry Lawler
  • John Morrison
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • British Bulldog (Collector’s Edition)

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Photo Credit: WWE Network

The Packaging

This set features the new 2021 style Elite packaging with the red/white/blue color scheme. The box showcases the featured wrestler on one side with their name on the opposite as well as a larger image, statistics and those whom also are in the set on the back. Not to mention the Certified Authentic logo on the front of the box. The British Bulldog is the Collector’s Edition in this set as well and I believe is exclusive to Walmart if I am not mistaken.

Keith Lee + Chase Variant

First up we have Keith Lee, whom is arguably the most sought after in this set being it’s his very first Elite figure. He comes with a Chase variant, which I did not have in time for this review sadly, in a white and pink attire you can see in the gallery below.

Keith’s figures feature his entrance vest that is made of rubber. It fastens in the front similar to the rubber shirts and secures okay for the most part. When it’s off his body you can fasten easier than when it is on his body. Besides that the detail in terms of logos and wrinkles to make it look authentic is great. It says “Bask In My Glory” on the back in large text while the silhouette of him is on the front.

He features a lot of new parts it seems as he has a new head sculpt with his short hair and beard. He features a brand new torso mold as well, which looks great in my opinion. Not to mention he comes with the newer thumbs up hand to recreate his entrance pose. Keith has a painted elbow pad on his left arm as well as black wrist tape on both wrists. The main release in black features his black shorts with his logos on the sides followed by his black knee pads and black boots. He also comes with swappable open hands so you can have him hold accessories if desired.

Overall, both figures look great. I personally prefer the Chase in white attire with the pink designs as the color contrast just really makes the figure pop as a whole, but both are still very nice. I like they invested in some new tooling for him, too. While the painted elbow pad makes sense, I always like the physical pad on the figure to make it more realistic I guess, but it doesn’t look bad regardless. Overall, if you’re a fan of his, which sadly his main roster run has been bland, I highly recommend picking him up as he will be pretty sought after.

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Alexa Bliss

Alexa finally has a new Elite figure after quite some time. She features a new, smiling head scan with her hair in a ponytail. You can see the highlights in it as well. She comes in her pink, green and black attire with the straps across her chest as well as her skeleton gloves with her fingers spread to recreate her entrance. Not to mention she has her black knee pads and kick pads. She also comes with swappable, non-gloved hands and one WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship title belt that unfortunately says “Womeh’s” instead of “Woman’s” so that is aggravating to say the least, but the belt looks great otherwise.

Overall, it is a decent updated figure of Alexa with the new swappable hands feature. Her new head scan is great in my opinion and I love she has her entrance gloves so you can recreate her taunt. The detail on her attire is nice as well and it’s a great update we’ve desperately needed. The biggest downfall of course is the typo on the Women’s belt that I hope Mattel caught and fixes once it hits mass retail. Besides that red flag the belt looks great as does the figure. I do recommend her if you’re in need of a new Alexa.

Jerry Lawler

Up next we have an awesome, flashback Jerry Lawler figure. This is a younger Lawler that comes with a highly-detailed, cloth cape as well as his removable crown. Underneath he is wearing his blue singlet and white tights with the king logos all over them. He also has a white elbow pad with a crown logo on it, which is awesome. Not to mention his black boots with the white crown logos and white trim going around it.

Overall, this figure of Lawler is fantastic honestly. It’s easily his best one yet in my opinion as Mattel went all out on the detail on it to make it perfect. The cloth goods cape of course is the big win for it, too. I highly recommend you pick this one up as he already seems very sought after as it’s easily one of his best action figures.

John Morrison

Next we take a look at John Morrison’s first modern figure in the line. He features a new head scan with his hair draped down the sides of his head. He has slits above his ears to hold his bandana/sunglasses piece that you can easily secure within his hair to his face. Not to mention he has a serious look on his face. He also comes in a cloth entrance coat that is super detailed and looks awesome to say the least.

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Morrison looks to have a new torso I believe as well as it looks extremely ripped and he is in great shape I must say. He features two black elbow pads and his black/white wrist tape. He is also sporting his pants with all the logos/designs on it with the silver bottoms as well as his black boots. He also comes with swappable open hands, too.

Overall, this is a great figure of Morrison and the coat makes it that much better of course as it’s not rubber thankfully. You can pose him really well in it, which is great. The detail alone on him is really awesome, too, and I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of his or simply want a current version of him.

Finn Bálor

Finn, also due for an updated figure, features an all-new head scan with his current heel look. He has the full beard and mean look on his face, which looks fantastic and is finally a change from those cheesy, smiling scans we’ve gotten as of late. He also comes with new, gun-slinger pointing hands with his new tattoo on his left hand, which is super detailed. He features a black arm band as well as black wrist tape on both wrists. Not to mention his black trunks with the Bálor logos on the front and back and his black knee pads with black kick pads and blue logos on the heels. Bálor also comes with swappable flat hands and open hands as well as a cloth, black shirt with the Bálor logo on the front.

Overall, this is probably my favorite Bálor figure in quite awhile as it’s a heel version with some great detail for a guy with a simple look. The extra hands, especially the new hands, as well as his the new scan really make it special. A cloth shirt is also a great bonus to have. If you want a current Bálor I definitely recommend this one as it’s a great update we desperately needed.

Rob Gronkowski

The biggest shocker of the set and honestly the most talked about really is the Elite Rob Gronkowski as nobody expected Mattel to make him. Not many were pleased he was even in WWE or won the 24/7 title, but that didn’t stop Mattel from making him. In my opinion it’s not a bad figure at all, but was it truly necessary in the line? That’s another question we can explore another time but let’s take a look at him.

Gronk features a cheesy head scan with his messy hair and goofy smile on his face. He comes with removable sunglasses, that look pretty cool I must say. He has a cloth jacket, which is super detailed and looks fantastic. That jacket truly completes the figure in my opinion. It velcros in the front and reveals his tank top underneath. He is also sporting black sweatpants and white gym shoes with some logos on them to make them look more authentic to his attire. He also comes with the 24/7 title as well as swappable hands.

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Overall, while I was not a fan of Gronk in WWE I must say this figure is pretty cool. There’s truly a lot of controversy around it as so many people were annoyed they made him, but they did a decent job with it in my opinion. The jacket alone is really well done honestly. The title is a great bonus as well. Most people will either not buy him or simply just display him on a shelf, but I don’t see others using him for much else than that. If you’re a fan of his pick it up as it is a unique WWE figure, but most seem to say they are passing on it. It’s not a bad figure overall though honestly.

The British Bulldog

Unfortunately nobody has their hands on Bulldog yet as Ringside never had him for order for whatever reason, but he will hopefully be hitting shelves soon. He seems to look great from the prototype images that have surfaced so far and of course he comes with Matilda, which everyone is excited about. Matilda even has a leash, which is a great bonus accessory. Sadly I wasn’t able to review him for you but you can see what it looks like in the gallery below. He looks like a great figure that seems to be sought after from all the hype based around it so hopefully you won’t have any trouble locating one when the time comes!


Overall, I like this set. There’s a lot of decent figures in this set in my opinion. The detail on many of them is great and at least there’s plenty of faces we haven’t really seen a whole lot yet. There’s some questionable errors though and hopefully they get addressed, but if you’d like to get them now and avoid hunting them down definitely go pick them over on Ringside as you won’t be disappointed!

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